The 5 Best Parker Pens For Every Budget

Leather bound notebooks. Black and white photographs. Hand-written thank-you notes. Regardless of ever-changing aesthetics and cultural trends, there are certain things that stand the test of time. Like an old Hollywood movie that gets better with every watch (“Here’s looking at you, kid,” à la Casablanca), anything classic will never go out of style.

A good pen is like good wine, and the Parker Pen Company has dedicated 125 years to refining their design. It all started in 1888 when George Safford Parker received his first pen patent. Since then, Parker pens have become one of the most popular luxury pens in the world, declared the official writing instrument of Queen Elizabeth II and used by President Eisenhower to sign the surrender that ended World War II.

In this article, we’re sharing our best Parker pens and their price range, plus a peek into their heritage, fascinating stuff for fountain pen lovers like you!

A Brief History of the Parker Pen Company

“It will always be possible to make a better pen.”

This was and continues to be the driving philosophy behind the innovation and technology of Parker pens. After acquiring his second patent in 1984, George S. Parker pioneered “the lucky curve”, a breakthrough anti-leak system. Kenneth Parker joined the company in 1914 and helped launch the Parker Duofold, a bold pen that captured the essence of The Roaring Twenties. The “Big Red” soon became famous for its bright orange color and impressive 25 year warranty.

Jumping ahead to 1954, the newly designed Parker Jotter ballpoint pen sold 3.5 million in it’s first year, with over 800 million sold worldwide to date. 1994 saw the first version of the Parker Sonnett, one of the most beloved Parker pen models. Heritage House, the Parker Museum, opened in 2015 as a private exhibit celebrating the story of George S. Parker. History enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the world of Parker with over 150 pens, advertising materials, films and more on display from a private collection.

Parker pen’s rich history and dedication to high quality craftsmanship earned them two Royal Warrants for the highest standards of performance and service. With accolades like this, when you purchase a Parker pen, you’re using a writing instrument that’s truly fit for royalty.  

Best Parker Pens

When searching for your new favorite writing instrument, craftsmanship, design and the writing experience it provides are all things to consider. Here at Goldspot, we offer high quality Parker pens in a wide price range to suit your individual writing style. Let’s look at them each in greater detail.

The Parker Jotter ($10-$33)

Time-tested with an array of beautiful finishes, you can’t go wrong with the Parker Jotter’s classic design. While the ballpoint or fountain pen styles are both an excellent choice, the ballpoint pen remains iconic. The stainless steel with gold trim ballpoint pen is a longtime favorite for professionals and pen enthusiasts alike. Known for its reliability and affordable price, the Parker Jotter is the perfect everyday companion no matter what notes you’re “jotting” down.

The Parker 51 ($62-$244)

The Parker 51 fountain pen was unlike any other pen ever seen before when it was launched in 1941. This classic “51” design brings the golden age of fountain pens to a new generation of writers. Its signature metal cap with “jewel” top and Parker arrow clip visually sets this pen apart from the crowd. It’s rounded resin barrel has a light feel in your hand and is easy to hold. The antique-inspired, hooded stainless steel nib offers a smooth writing experience to keep your thoughts and ink flowing for years to come, embodying the essence of a hooded nib fountain pen.

The Parker IM ($20-$87)

If you’re looking for a budget fountain pen that feels high end, the Parker IM is a great choice. This is the gold standard in pen design, with a huge variety of designs, colors and metals that make for a great gift. The Parker IM ballpoint pen and fountain pen are amazing options for both beginners and those with fine pen collections. For the everyday writer, the Parker rollerball maintains the high standard of Parker’s expertise and innovation.

The Parker Sonnet ($68-$258)

First introduced in 1994, this quickly became one of the best Parker fountain pens, and for good reason. This fine pen collection is available in endless luxury designs that showcase precious metals, delicately engraved patterns, and rich lacquers. The refined shape with its modern minimalist look fits any occasion. Available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen models, the Parker Sonnet is pure elegance in your hand.

The Parker Ingenuity ($144-$268)

Staying true to its namesake, the Parker Ingenuity easily adapts to your writing style for an enhanced writing experience. Designed with assertiveness in mind, this fountain pen strikes a balance between confidence and sophistication, making it one of the best pen under 150. The reassuring weight and intricate details offer precision for professionals who are masters in their field. Choose from ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen styles with gold, black, or chrome trim.

The Parker Urban ($28-$46)

Available in fountain pen and ballpoint pen modes, the Parker Urban’s unique bullet shaped barrel is unmistakable. Carefully balanced for smooth note-jotting or longer writing sessions, it’s the perfect combination of art and ergonomics. Pen gifts are as stately as they are thoughtful, and the Parker Urban makes a great one for the modern professional. With such a striking look and even better feel, this is the pen of the “cool” generation.

The Parker Duofold ($811-$1,400)

As one of the best Parker fountain pens on the market, the Parker Duofold is the pinnacle of the brand’s engineering, craftsmanship and marked history. You could call it the the Rolls Royce of office supplies. Each pen is constructed from eye-catching metals and high end finishes. As the most prestigious and oldest Parker pen, it’s no surprise that this model was famously used by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes.

What Makes the Parker Pen Company Special?

Oh, where to begin. Let’s just say once you’ve entered the world of Parker, you’re here to stay. Their style, quality and history emody the trifecta that is the Parker pen experience.

Writing Experience

A quality writing experience is dependent on the type of pens you use. Are you a classic, refined or everyday writer? Your answer will help match the best Parker pens to your writing style. If you value a timeless writing experience and don’t mind buying ink refills, a fountain pen might be for you. Rollerball pens combine the smooth ink fow of a fountain pen with the convenience of replacement refills. Gel pens and ballpoint pens are a good choice for dependable everyday use.

Style & Design

From tip to barrel, attention to detail is ingrained in the Parker pen brand. The custom process starts with a drawing that serves as the foundation from which each high quality pen can emerge. Precious metals of rhodium, platinum, gold, silver and resin are enlaid by hand. Then, each Parker pen goes through a meticulous chiselling, lacquering, and lasering process before final inspection.


Parker pens are created without compromise in a heritage of excellence that goes back to 1888-and the innovation continues. In 2016, the Parker Pen Company announced a completely new collection ranging from professional ballpoint pens to refreshed fountain pen designs, like the Parker 51 and Parker IM Fountain Pen. It’s not every day that you can say you’re holding a piece of modern history in your hand.

Where are Parker Pens Made?

The answer to this used to be “everywhere”. Parker Pens have been manufactured across the globe over the years, with factories in Newhaven, England and Janesville, Wisconsin that have since been shut down. Now, the company exclusively makes their pens out of Nantes, France. They can also be spotted at luxury retailers and fine writing suppliers like Goldspot.

What is the Warranty on Parker Pens?

Every pen undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance before you unbox it. With more than 130 years of world-renowned craftsmanship, we’re proud to sell the Parker brand because of their dedication to quality. Parker pens come with a 2-year warranty service with the option of extending it online if you choose.

What are the Different Types of Parker Pens?


Parker Fountain Pens

A fountain pen is a writing instrument that uses a metal nib to apply water-based ink to paper through a cartridge or converter filling system. They require regular cleaning and refills for best performance. The Parker Duofold and The Parker IM are both great options. Note that Parker fountain pen nibs are not interchangeable and work only on the model for which they were made.


Parker Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens use a ball and socket mechanism to transfer liquid or gel ink to paper. This system allows for smooth ink flow and requires less pressure to write. The Parker Ingenuity is a great choice for rollerball pen lovers.

Parker Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens use oil-based ink via a metal ball for a precise transfer onto paper. Parker has an impressive line-up of ballpoint pens, including the The Parker Sonnet, The Parker Jotter XL, and The Parker 51. 


Are Parker Pens Good?

Long story short, yes! If you’ve made it to the end of this article, you have a great understanding of why Parker pens are in a league of their own. This is a reliable brand with a history of excellence behind its name. You can always expect amazing quality, durability, and a wide price range with Parker pens. While they are indeed a luxury compared to most pens, they are also an investment that will last much longer.

Are Parker Pens Right for You?

The world of Parker is marked by elegance and innovation that only gets better with time. From rollerball and ballpoint to fountain pens, the best pens from Parker have been used by US Presidents and English royalty. No matter which style you choose, you can be sure it will be a high quality addition to your fine pen collection.

We hope this article has given you the background, history and insights into discovering the best Parker pens for you! Catch this first look at the newest Parker Pens in our inventory.

Happy writing, Pen Pals!

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