Coming Soon : Parker Debuts Pens Inspired by Vintage Vacumatic & Duofold Styles

To follow up on the teaser postcard that we are sending in our current shipments, Parker has shared their master plans for the fall debuts of new Duofold, Urban & IM models that are designed after vintage Parker styles.

Coming Soon : Parker Debuts Pens Inspired by Vintage Vacumatic & Duofold Styles

Duofold : A Classic Redefined

The Duofold is gaining three new permanent extensions to the line that are inspired by the Parker Duofold of old : Big Red, Lapis Lazuli & Ivory. These acrylic resin styles are trimmed in gold plated appointments and are available in a twist-action ballpoint pen, capped rollerball and two sizes of fountain pen. The larger Centennial size and the International size are both filled by cartridge or cartridge/converter (included). The nib is a big, two-toned, 18kt solid gold beauty, fashioned with the Duofold Spade graphic.

The estimated price ranges on this set are $280 for the ballpen, $330 for the rollerball, $450 for the international sized fountain pen & $550 for the centennial. No doubt that the popularity of these vintage colors will come through for Parker in reintroducing a fan favorite in the Duofold.

Coming Soon : Parker Debuts Pens Inspired by Vintage Vacumatic & Duofold Styles

Parker's Vacumatic for the 21st Century

The Parker Vacumatic stands as an emblematic style of the Parker Pen Company and is one of the most highly sought after vintage pens for collectors. This Fall, Parker debuts six new finishes in the IM & Urban lines inspired by the Vacumatic's alternating band design, sparking interest in the Parker Urban vs IM comparison. While the Vacumatic was originally built with laminated plastic, these new pens are styled using aluminum to give a modern look to the design.

The IM & Urban lines are Parker's more approachable, entry-level category of pens. Each new finish will be offered in a ballpoint pen, rollerball or fountain pen. Please note that the fountain pens will be using a cartridge/converter filling system and will not have the Vacumatic filling system (that would make too much sense, right?). The fountain pens will be fitted with steel nibs in medium point size only. The price ranges from $37 for a ballpen to $75 for the fountain.

All pens will be on sale on our site the moment that they arrive. To receive an update on when they will hit the store, please sign up on our e-mail newsletter list so you can be first to know!
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