Noodler's Triple Tail Fountain Pen in Clear Demonstrator - Semi Flex Nib

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Named after the Atlantic Tripletail fish, this triple-tined Noodler's Ink fountain pen is quite the catch. Plus, it doesn't smell like a dead fish! Noodler's built the body and cap from a biodegradable, time-tested transparent resin. Each part of the Tripletail is threaded and can be completely disassembled, making it ideal for those who like to tinker with their pens.

The stainless steel nib on the Noodler's Tripletail has three tines and two slits. The special tapered shape of the nib's shoulders allows for an easier flex than the Neponset's music nib.The three fissure ebonite feed provides adequate ink flow for wet flex writing.

The Tripletail fills using the two-stroke, self-filling unit that operates like a piston pump. It can also be filled using Noodler's 308 refillable ink cartridges (sold separately). Alternatively, you could also remove the filling unit and convert the pen to an eyedropper with some silicone grease on the section threads.

Noodler's Ink Triple Tail Clear Demonstrator Flex Nib Fountain Pen Specifications:

  • Edition: Regular Collection
  • Pen Material: Transparent, plant-based resin (Not smelly)
  • Clip: Polished Chrome
  • Nib : Tripletail 3-tined stainless steel flex nib with 3-fissure ebonite feed
  • Filling System : Two-stroke, self-filling converter, eyedropper convertible
  • Length Capped : 5.95 in. / 151mm
  • Length Uncapped : 5.28 in. / 134mm
  • Length Posted : 7.09 in. / 180mm
  • Cap Diameter : 0.63 in. / 16mm
  • Barrel Diameter : 0.51 in. / 13mm
  • Section Diameter : 0.39 in. / 10mm
  • Pen Weight : 0.7 oz / 19.8g
  • Packaged in a Noodler's cardboard tube with care and use instructions.