Lamy T51 Bottled Ink in Blue - 30 mL

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The Lamy T51 bottled ink features a stable, wide bottomed jar that helps stop tipping and prevent spills. The bottle's interior is cone shaped, forming a collecting basin or well, which assists in getting more ink out of the bottle and into the pen. Plus, there is the thoughtful addition of roll of blotter tape in the base of the bottle to clean the pen after filling, or to blot writing.

Lamy T51 Bottled Ink:

  • Lamy Bottled Ink in a beautiful dense black color
  • 30ml Glass Bottle
  • Comes with a roll of blotting paper attached to the bottle to wipe your pen nib after filling
  • Suitable for all types of fountain pens
  • Unique ink bottle features an ink residue collecting basin
  • Made in Germany