Acme Hatch Hybrid Brass Antimicrobial Rollerball Pen

Acme Hatch Hybrid Brass Antimicrobial Rollerball Pen
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Acme Hybrid Collection Hatch Brass Antimicrobial Rollerball Pen , The new ACME Hatch Hybrid Pen takes advantage of the innate properties of brass to create an antimicrobial surface. Within a few hours of interacting with brass ions bacteria and microorganisms perish which makes brass an excellent material to create a writing instrument that is handled often. The antiseptic quality of the Hatch Pen lends itself perfectly to situations where hygiene is a priority. The Hatch pattern engraved on the brass is intended to be an abstraction of cell structure demonstrating organic change.

Note that the pen is coated with a thin application of clear lacquer coating to give the impression of a highly polished pen. The lacquer slowly wears away over time exposing the raw brass and its antiseptic benefits.

The ACME Hatch Pen is designed by Karl Zahn - a freelance product and furniture designer whose work examines contemporary materials and historical technologies to create a hybrid model that are more applicable aesthetically pleasing and sustainable in our current society.