What's inside the Mystery Dip Pen and Ink Boxes

One of the most fun and rewarding experiences you can have as a pen shop employee is when a customer asks to pick a pen or ink color for them. The trust of our pen pals is not taken lightly. It's an honor and privilege to offer our advice. Plus, it's exciting to shop vicariously through our customers, selecting pens and inks as if we were spending our own money on fine writing products that bring pure joy.

In the Mystery Dip, we combine our years of experience in the pen industry with our desire to provide our pen pals with the best writing instruments.

What is the "Mystery Dip?"

If you've shopped online before, you're probably familiar with the concept of subscription boxes. These boxes include a variety of products that fit within a particular theme or group of products. For example, there are makeup boxes, snack boxes, and art supply boxes. Back in 2016, Goldspot Pens decided to try our own version of a surprise box and called it the "Mystery Dip."

The Mystery Dip combines the surprise of a subscription box with the outstanding value customers receive from the Weekly Dip sales featured each Wednesday. These "Dips" often lower the pen's price by 30% to 50% off the MSRP retail price.

What can you expect in a Mystery Dip Box?

As you'll find below, we've listed the contents of each Mystery Dip box since the very beginning. Although you can see what we've sent in prior boxes, previous results do not indicate future performance (to use a common investing refrain). We try to keep things slightly unpredictable so that, even if you purchase multiple Mystery Dips, you'll continually be surprised with a variety of new pens and inks not included in previous boxes, which might also introduce you to the difference between dip pen and fountain pen.

The other key guiding principle of the Mystery Dip is to provide exceptional value. We want you to be pleasantly surprised by the contents and overjoyed at the price paid for everything.

Below, you'll find the contents (and links, if the product is still visible on our website) to our previous Mystery Dip boxes. Be sure to check out the reviews and see what customers had to say about these boxes.

January 2024 Mystery Dip

  • (1) Magna Carta Denima Fountain Pen made with real denim! Fitted with a #6 size stainless steel nib in F or M nib sizes. Includes converter.
  • (5) Assorted 2ml fountain pen ink samples in twist-top transfer vials.

7 reviews with a 4.6 of 5 star rating

November 2023 Mystery Dip

15 reviews with a 5 of 5 star rating

September 2023 Mystery Dip

  • (1) Benu Talisman Royal Flush Fountain Pen in either red or black trim. Fitted with a Schmidt #6 size stainless steel nib in F, M, or B sizes.
  • (5) Assorted 2ml Colorverse fountain pen ink samples in twist-top transfer vials.
  • Benu warranty and information sheet.
  • Lucky Benu Bunny Buddy glitter sticker

23 reviews with a 4.7 of 5 star rating

July 2023 Mystery Dip

  • (1) Laban Gloria fountain pen in either Sapphire Blue or Ruby Red with a stainless steel nib.
  • International converter
  • (5) Assorted 2ml Laban Greek Mythology ink samples in twist-top transfer vials.

22 reviews with a 4.8 of 5 star rating

April 2023 Mystery Dip

  • (1) Opus 88 Flow eyedropper-fill fountain pen in either blue or green design. Fitted with a Bock #6 size stainless steel nib in assorted range of nib sizes.
  • (5) Assorted 2ml fountain pen ink samples in twist-top transfer vials.
  • Opus 88 pen filling instruction pamphlet.
  • Eyedropper

19 reviews with a 4.7 of 5 star rating

January 2023 Mystery Dip

  • (1) Gioia Alleria fountain pen fitted with a Jowo #6 stainless steel nib. Assorted pen colors and nib sizes were chosen at random.
  • (5) Assorted 2ml Colorverse ink samples in twist-top transfer vials.
  • Gioia's Information booklet and guarantee.

18 reviews with a 4.9 of 5 star rating

November 2022 Mystery Dip

This Mystery Box included the following:

  • (1) Nahvalur Nautilus ebonite, piston-fill Fountain Pen with a steel nib previously only available at pen shows
  • (5) Assorted 2ml ink samples in twist-top transfer vials.
  • We apologize for the lack of information included in the box. We will make sure future Mystery Dip boxes will include more details about the pen included.

27 reviews with a 5 of 5 star rating

August 2022 Mystery Dip

This Mystery Box included the following:

  • (1) Esterbrook Camden fountain pen in Graphite Black, Silver, or Rose in assorted nib sizes
  • (1) International converter and international ink cartridge
  • (5) Assorted 2ml ink samples in twist-top transfer vials.

22 reviews with 4.9 of 5 star rating

And, for a while there was a hiatus...

Prior to 2022, the Mystery Dip boxes contained a variety of writing instrument modes, including ballpoints, gel pens, and accessories.

Winter 2018 Mystery Dip

  • Itoya Profolio Journal Sidekick Magnetic Pen Holder
  • Leuchtturm 1917 Jottbook Medium Lined Notebook
  • Sheaffer Prelude Ballpoint Pen in Blue Shimmer
  • Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen, Yellow, Medium Point
  • Pilot Permanent Marker Black - Extra Fine
  • Pilot Precise V5 Retractable Rollerball Pens - 4-Pack

Spring 2018 Mystery Dip

  • Clairefontaine Wirebound Graph Tabbed Notebook (Assorted Color Covers)
  • Pilot Plumix Light Blue Calligraphy Fountain Pen (w/ CON-40 Converter)
  • Leuchtturm 1917 Pencil (Assorted Colors)
  • Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil 9000
  • Sensa Spring Melon Sorbet Gel Pen
  • Easter Egg with an ink sample inside

Fall 2017 Mystery Dip

  • (1) Cross Vice Ion Gel Pen
  • Tombow Muted Dual Brush Pen (single)
  • (2) Cross Ion Gel Ink Refills (assorted colors)
  • Faber-Castell Loom Metallic Orange fountain pen (assorted nib sizes)
  • Clairefontaine 3" x 5" Reporter Pad
  • (5) Diamine Ink cartridges in a fall-inspired color theme

Summer 2017 Mystery Dip

  • Caran d'Ache 849 Metal Ballpoint Pen in Turquoise
  • Regal Alice turquoise fountain pen
  • Package of Visconti Turquoise ink cartridges
  • Leuchtturm1917 Pocket-sized Journal
  • Postcard from New Jersey
  • Cocktail parasol
  • Piece of salt water taffy

Spring 2017 Mystery Dip

  • J. Herbin Glass Dip Pen (assorted colors)
  • J. Herbin Traditional Writing Set (assorted)
  • Black Light LED keychain
  • Harry Potter house button pin
  • Set of ink samples
  • Eccolo Essential Carpe Diem Journal

Fall 2016 Mystery Dip

  • Engraved Rhodia Linden wood pencil
  • Cross Click Retractable Rollerball Pen
  • Demonstrator Rollerball and Ballpoint Pen Set
  • Paper samples from Rhodia & Clairefontaine
  • Kaweco ICE Sport Fountain Pen
  • Diamine 80ml Bottled Ink in Pumpkin
  • Kaweco Mini Piston Converter
  • Rhodia Mini Staplebound Notepad
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