Pen Spotlight - Biodegradable Pens and the Eco-Roller

Hey Pen Folks,

Have a few blog posts to share that have videos, which I thought were really cool to watch. There should be more videos on pens around on the internet...

Everyone is looking to be more "green" and pen-makers are not an exception. Disposable ballpoint pens are still thrown in the landfills by the tons and are made of materials that do not decompose well, breaking down into toxic materials over a long period of time. Featured on the Josh Spear blog, the DBA 98 pen is specifically designed to be thrown in the compost after use. The video features a brilliant animation that clearly demonstrates the product's ecological benefits.

Speaking of ecologically-friendly, the Visconti Eco-Roller is featured on a demonstration video by Okami of her blog "Whatever : Visconti Rembrandt Followup." As you see in the video, it is a rollerball that fills like a fountain pen. Strikingly similar to the Monteverde Mega Ink Ball. Great for people who may be too intimidated by using a fountain pen because you don't have to worry about breaking the nib and having to get it repaired or replaced. The Eco Roller comes with a spare tip (as shown in the video) and additional tips can be purchased for a nominal cost of $9.95.

Update on the Pen Show at the Monmouth Mall : We're about a few weeks away and are getting very excited to put on the show for everyone. We will have brand representatives from Monteverde, Delta, Montegrappa, Aurora, OMAS, Lamy, Filofax and Yard-O-Led on hand to help you with any brand-specific questions you may have. There are going to be some Parker and Waterman door prizes like a necktie, letter opener and even a pen or two will be given away.
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