Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen Preview

Pelikan M800 Fountain Pen Review

Prepare for your jaws to be dropped and your wallet to scream.

Pelikan's 2017 Raden limited edition is as stunning as it is regal. The M800 Royal Gold is exquisitely crafted using centuries-old Japanese Raden and Maki-e techniques, similar to the craftsmanship found in the pelikan souveran m800 & m805 fountain pens for sale.

Pelikan M800 Royal Gold Urushi Fountain Pen Beauty

Limited to 388 pieces worldwide, this exquisite piece of functional art is crafted utilizing the Raden technique. Raden is a traditional Japanese decorative craft, which combines lacquer and woodworking using inlays of abalone shells, ivory, and other fine materials. Historically, Raden Maki-e pens were created for Japanese Royals as an indication of their power.

Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen Capped and Cap Posted

Design of the Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold

The elegant black and gold striping pattern on the cap and barrel is created by first coating the pen with a special, black Urushi lacquer. Gold stripes are then inlaid using a 14kt gold foil backing, then enhanced by the addition of mother of pearl. A protective coating of lacquer is then applied to seal the artistry of this design.

Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold japanese signature craftsmanship

Nib and Presentation

This M800 fountain pen is fitted with an 18kt two-tone gold nib in medium point size only. This Raden Royal Gold is presented in the traditional Japanese gift box made from Paulowina wood. Each pen is individually numbered and signed by the Maki-e artisan. The MSRP of this limited edition is $3,000, but we will offer this edition at a discount and will price match with other US dealers.

Goldspot Pens will have a limited number of these pens available when the shipment arrives overseas from Germany. As with any Pelikan pen, purchasing from a U.S.A. Authorized retailer gives you the benefits of quick shipping, the Pelikan nib size exchange program, as well as full warranty coverage. Although there can sometimes be large discrepancies in price by purchasing pens from the international or gray market dealers representing themselves on Amazon or eBay, your investment in this luxury fountain pen is best protected by purchasing directly from an Authorized U.S. retailer like Goldspot Pens.

How Does the Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen Write?

The Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen, with its 18kt two-tone gold nib, offers a writing experience that is both luxurious and precise. Available exclusively in a medium point size, this nib ensures a smooth flow of ink, allowing for effortless writing that glides across the paper. The pen's balanced weight and ergonomic design contribute to a comfortable writing session, even during prolonged use. The quality of craftsmanship ensures that each stroke is consistent, providing a reliable performance that meets the expectations of even the most discerning writers.

Is the Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen Worth the Investment?

With a limited edition of only 388 pieces worldwide, the Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen is not just a writing instrument but a piece of art. Priced at an MSRP of $3,000, its value is justified by the meticulous craftsmanship using centuries-old Japanese Raden and Maki-e techniques, the luxurious 18kt gold nib, and the unique design featuring gold stripes and mother of pearl inlays. For collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of traditional artistry with high-end pen manufacturing, this pen represents a worthwhile investment. Additionally, purchasing from an authorized retailer like Goldspot Pens ensures full warranty coverage and the benefits of the Pelikan nib exchange program, safeguarding your investment.

Who Should Buy the Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen?

The Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen is ideal for collectors, pen enthusiasts, and anyone who values the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with luxury writing instruments. It's particularly suited for those who appreciate the art of writing and are looking for an exceptional piece that combines functionality with exquisite design. This pen is also a perfect choice for individuals seeking a statement piece that symbolizes status and sophistication. Given its limited availability and high price point, it appeals to serious collectors looking to add a rare and valuable item to their collection.

Buy Your Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen at Goldspot Pens

Goldspot Pens is proud to offer the Pelikan M800 Raden Royal Gold Fountain Pen, a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional writing instruments. As an authorized U.S.A. retailer, we ensure quick shipping, full warranty coverage, and access to the Pelikan nib exchange program. By purchasing from Goldspot Pens, you are guaranteed authenticity and the best customer service, ensuring your investment is protected. With a limited number available, we encourage enthusiasts to act quickly to secure this exquisite piece of functional art for their collection.

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