New Sailor Pens on the Horizon - Pro Gear Galaxy & Sai-bi Togi

New Sailor Pens on the Horizon - Pro Gear Galaxy & Sai-bi Togi

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Sai-bi Togi

New pens from the Land of the Rising Sun includes one that contains an entire galaxy of stars. Also, if you thought extra-fine was enough fineness, prepare yourself for SUPER EXTRA FINE in only a way that the master nib craftsmen at Sailor can produce. Only Sailor is capable of fine-tuning a smooth-writing, super-extra-fine, solid gold nib with a 0.1mm tip. The Sailor Sai-bi Togi nib is ground using a microscope, a special projector system and a steady hand (of course).

The Sai-bi Togi is available in the professional gear "slim" model that has a 14kt solid gold nib and fills using cartridge or converter. Sailor used a rich, pearlescent red color matched with silver trims to accompany this once-bespoke creation.

A limited number of the Sai-bi Togi will be imported to the United States. We are expecting to be on the initial shipment in August when they arrive. Sign up for our newsletter mailing list to be notified when the come into stock and are available for ordering.

New Sailor Pens on the Horizon - Pro Gear Galaxy & Sai-bi Togi

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Starburst Galaxy Limited Production

Due up in late October / Early November (think Christmas / Holiday Gifts), we have the heavenly Pro Gear Slim Starburst Galaxy. Limited to a production of 500 pieces worldwide, Sailor expects this pen to be sold out fairly quickly and have been taking pre-orders to anticipate the demand.

Flecks of starlight spill across the empty void of rich black resin. Matched with silver trim and a rhodium-coated 14kt gold nib.

This Professional Gear Slim Starburst model is fitted with a 14kt solid gold nib that is available in the US with the core nib sizes : extra-fine, fine, medium-fine, broad, zoom and music nib.

We will be stocking most of the nib sizes to start with. If you have a specific need for a particular nib to come in, we would suggest for you to call us directly (800-963-7367) to place your pre-order (reference item # 11-8164). We should be able to order the extra pens to meet the demand, but we need to be careful to act quickly, as they may be all spoken for by the time the initial shipment arrives.
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