Coming Soon: Lamy Safari Candy 2020 Special Edition Pens

Lamy Safari pens are like candy - it's hard to stop at having just one. Each year, the German manufacturer releases a new, special edition color to the delight of collectors, Lamy enthusiasts, and writers around the world. This year's set of "Candy" colors are exciting and bold. The monochrome ABS plastic body and cap have a tactile matte finish with matching trims and wire clip.

The matte texture on these new styles is similar to the Charcoal (Umbra), All Black, Petrol, and Dark Lilac editions from years past. The matchy-matchy quality of this pen is strong. While other Lamy Safari editions pair the base body color with silver or black trims and wire clip, the "Candy" colors match the trims with the color of the barrel. The monochrome effect enhances the Bauhaus aesthetic that Lamy pens are known for.

The Lamy Safari is a top starter pen for newbies. It's low price point, attractive design, and durability make it a perennial recommendation for those looking to upgrade into fine writing instruments. In other words, it's like a "gateway" pen. The Safari Candy is symbolic of this addiction-starting phenomenon. The colors are lively and youthful. The contoured grip section instructs proper grip and finger placement. The 3 writing modes (ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen) satisfies a majority of analog writers.

For the smoothest, most fluid writing experience that offers the greatest variety of ink colors and tip sizes, the Lamy Safari Candy fountain pen is an ideal choice. The Safari uses a proprietary LZ50SL stainless steel nib that is interchangeable. Goldspot offers the full range of Lamy replacement nibs, including stub calligraphy style nibs. The Safari Candy will be available in extra fine, fine, and medium point to start. The Safari fountain pen fills using the included Lamy LT10 ink cartridge (proprietary) in blue ink. You may notice a slight hint of blue ink on the nib and feed. This ensures that each Lamy nib is tested prior to shipping from the factory in Heidelberg, Germany. If you prefer using bottled ink, the Lamy LZ28 converter (proprietary) can be purchased separately.

The Lamy Safari Candy rollerball has the same body and cap as the fountain pen. Instead of using a nib and feed, the rollerball uses the M63 rollerball ink cartridge. The ink is fluid and makes a rich, dark mark on the page. Once empty, the cartridge can be removed, disposed, and replaced with another Lamy M63 cartridge (proprietary).

Last, the ballpoint pen mode provides one-handed convenience to those that need a quick, on-demand writing implement. The accordion-style knock has a satisfying click action to protract and retract the writing tip. The ballpen writes with the Lamy LM16 cartridge with a tungsten carbide tip (proprietary).

Coming Soon: Lamy Safari Candy 2020 Special Edition Pens

Fountain pen enthusiasts go crazy for the limited edition Lamy inks. Dark Lilac and Petrol ink are some of the most highly sought-after bottles in the collector market. This year, Lamy introduces a Mango ink to match the Safari Candy Mango fountain pen. The ink will be offered in both the LT10 cartridge (5-pack) or in the LT52 50ml bottle with blotting paper. This will be the second Lamy special edition ink of 2020, following Turmaline to match the special edition AL-Star.

The colorful Lamy Safari Candy are due to arrive in April. You can sign up for in-stock email notifications for your favorite color(s) and writing mode(s). Take a sneak peek and see what else is coming soon to Goldspot Pens. Which color are you most looking forward to? Will you be getting the Mango fountain pen ink? Let us know in the comments below.

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