Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Ink in Tsuki-Yo Ink (Moonlight) - 50 mL

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The name Iroshizuku is a combination of the Japanese words Iro (Coloring),expressing high standards and variation of colors, and Shizuku (Droplet), that embodies the very image of dripping water. Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue. Owning a fountain pen becomes an adventure when you explore the inks of the Pilot Iroshizuku collection. Each elegant glass bottle contains 50mL of the highest quality fountain pen ink on the market in some of the most vibrant hues imaginable.

Pilot Iroshizuku Bottled Ink - Tsuki-Yo (Moonlight) - Deep Teal Features:

  • Color: Deep Teal
  • Size: 50mL Ink Bottle
  • Gorgeous Glass Ink Bottle made from Blown Glass
  • High-Quality Safe Ink for your Fountain Pen
  • Works with Pilot and Namiki Fountain Pens