Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Fountain Pen in Warm Primary Manipulation - 14kt Gold Nib

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The new 2021 collaboration between Leonardo Officina (Italy) and Jonathan Brooks of the Carolina Pen Company (USA) resulted in a pen design that leaves us in breathless awe. Based on the chassis of Leonardo's Momento Zero Grande, the large pen design serves as the ideal canvas for Brooks' bold, handmade acrylic material. Following the previous sell-out releases of these small-batch, limited production pens, this new edition is sure to be another hit.

Jonathan Brooks of the Carolina Pen Company is a true artist who produces some of the most stunning and unique acrylic made for writing instruments. Salvatore Matrone of Leonardo is like Michelangelo in the way he sculpts these blank rods into the most elegant and impressive writing instruments in the world.

This hot pen has lava-like swirls of orange, red, white, and yellow flowing throughout the acrylic body and cap of the pen. To accentuate the stunning impression of this colorful pen, Leonardo applies a Greek-key style geometric cap center band and jewelry-like metal trims in palladium or gold options.This traditional piston-fill fountain pen holds 1.5ml of ink to keep the 14kt gold nib and handmade black ebonite feed flowing with every written word.

Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Grande Warm Primary Manipulation 2021 Limited Edition Fountain Pen Specifications - Fourth Batch
  • Edition: 2021 Limited Edition Collaboration with Jonathan Brooks of Carolina Pen Company
  • Pen Body Material: Primary Manipulation - warm tones; made in the USA
  • Trim: Gold or Palladium options
  • Pen Length Closed: 5.9 in. / 150mm
  • Pen Length Open, Cap Off: 5.24 in. / 133mm
  • Pen Length Posted: 6.73 in. / 171mm
  • Cap Length: 2.67 in. / 67.7mm
  • Max Diameter (Pen): 0.66 in. / 16.7 mm
  • Total Weight: 1.2oz. / 34g
  • Nib: 14kt Gold
  • Feed: Custom Japanese ebonite feed.
  • Filling Mechanism: Traditional Piston-Filling Mechanism, 1.5ml capacity
  • Gift Boxed with a complimentary 40ml bottle of ink
  • Limited to 280 numbered pens worldwide
  • Made in Italy
  • Includes a full lifetime mechanical warranty