Leonardo Momento Zero Fountain Pen in Caretta Limited Edition

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Since the time of the dinosaurs, the sea turtle navigated the world's oceans. The Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta Caretta) is an endangered species named after its large head. To honor this ancient mariner, Leonardo Officina and Goldspot Pens dedicated this 2021 limited edition acrylic fountain pen as the Momento Zero "Caretta."

The Italian-made "Caretta" has a unique marbled acrylic resin, combining vibrant blue and green layers. The bands of chatoyant color have a deeply reflective quality reminiscent of "arco" celluloid. Each piece of this Goldspot-exclusive design is individually numbered and limited to 90 pens worldwide. Please note that the engraving will be on the back of the cap (opposite the clip side) instead of on the barrel of the pen.

The Momento Zero is a prime example of Italian craftsmanship that blends artistry with utility. The weight and feel of the pen are well-balanced in hand. The tapered grip section provides ample comfort for long writing sessions. The wheel clip attaches easily to your pocket or pen case. The pen is large enough to write unposted. For those that prefer to post their cap, the Momento Zero posts securely on the back-end of the pen. You may opt to fill the pen with the converter by removing the section from the barrel or you may access it by removing the blind cap from the barrel as well.

Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero "Caretta" Limited Edition Fountain Pen Specifications
  • Edition: Limited and Numbered xx/90 pieces Worldwide.
  • Pen Body Material: Italian acrylic
  • Trim: Rhodium Silver
  • Pen Length Closed: 5.59 in. / 142mm
  • Pen Length Open, Cap Off: 5.08 in. / 129mm
  • Pen Length Posted: 6.65 in. / 169mm
  • Diameter at Section: 0.42 in. – 0.48 in. / 10.7 – 12.3 mm
  • Diameter (Barrel): 0.48 in. – 0.57 in. / 12.3 – 14.5 mm
  • Total Weight: 0.88 oz. / 25g
  • Nib: Stainless Steel, #6 size made by Jowo (Germany). Nib housing is permanently fixed in the grip section. Nib and feed are friction fit into the section.
  • Filling Mechanism: Cartridge / Converter (included)
  • Cap: Unscrews with one full turn
  • Gift boxed with matching commemorative outer sleeve.
  • Made in Italy
  • Includes a full lifetime mechanical warranty