Korean Fountain Pens

What Pens Are Made In Korea?

Popular Korean fountain pen brands are 3 Oysters, Colorverse, and Dong-A.

Korean Fountain Pens

Fountain pens offer a great deal of convenience and are highly appreciated by different users. They are designed to feature great performance and comfort while being used without neglecting the need for beauty.


Korean fountain brands know this all too well and work to ensure that they offer high-quality options to all their customers. If you are in the market for Korean fountain pens, here are a few brands to check out. 


3 Oysters


When it comes to quality Korean fountain pen ink, 3 Oysters is the brand to consider. They work with quality processes designed to ensure that all the inks produced are of the right standards. This has allowed them to make a name for themselves as the top manufacturers of Korean ink around the world.


The 3 Oysters company works with pure ionized water and dyed-based colors in all the inks they produce. This company was founded with a philosophy that continues to shine through its different products.


They believe that to accomplish or unveil any good thing you have to have the right tools by your side. This is where the name 3 Oysters comes in to represent a pen, ink, and paper. They base all their operations around this to ensure that they are always providing quality to their customers.


The different inks feature a neutral PH ranging from 6 to 8 and are designed to be non-permanent. When it comes to Korean calligraphy this ink brand works well.




Colorverse is a brand that is dedicated to providing quality ink options to those who rely on Korean calligraphy pens and fountain pens. The inks are designed to feature a neutral PH ranging from 7 to 8 making them a great ink choice.


The company uses recognized premium quality colorants that make the inks vivid and highly pigmented. This allows the colors to translate quite well on Korean paper and notebooks among others. You can be sure that you’ll get quality fountain pen ink with this company that you can rely on and work with on different projects.  Colorverse also offers premium Korean notebooks and stationery.




When it comes to Korean mechanical pencils, Dong-A is a popular brand. They work to produce the leading Korean stationery that is trusted by people from around the world.


Dong-A was founded in 1946 as the first pioneer of stationery manufacturing in Korea. They were then called Dong-A pencils and changed their name to Dong-A in 1963. This is right about when they had started exporting the Dong-A mechanical pencils around the world. 


Their attention to detail and keen interest in creating quality products have seen them grow to serve the Korean market and beyond. They feature the use of the latest technology and innovations to develop Dong-A stationery that is suitable for their consumers.


Korean students and other individuals have taken a liking to this brand recognizing that their stationery options are of great quality. You can trust that this brand will deliver quality Dong-A pens that will satisfy your expectations.

Korean Fountain Pen Brands

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3 Oysters