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What Italian Pen Brands Are Made In Italy?

Italian pen manufacturers Leonardo Officina Italiana, Aurora, Montegrappa, and Visconti make their pens in Italy.

Italian Fountain Pens Made In Italy

The Italian peninsula is a treasure trove of the world's most artful writing instruments. Continuing the tradition of renaissance artists, Italian pens are known for their beautiful materials, ornate details, and precious limited editions. In contrast to the austerity and minimalist nature of pens produced in Germany, Italian pens are functional pieces of art.

Founded in 1912, Montegrappa is one of the oldest, family-owned Italian pen manufacturers. Their factory in Bassano del Grappa continues to craft exquisite high-end writing instruments in collaboration with prominent pop-culture icons like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Since 1919, Aurora is the only Italian pen company that produces its own fountain pen nib completely in-house. Four generations of the Verona family developed this worldwide brand from a single factory in Turin. Aurora is best known for the vintage-style 88 "Ottantotto" and Optima piston-filling fountain pen models.

Co-founded in 1988 by Dante Del Vecchio, Visconti (Florence) pushed the boundaries of writing instrument technology with innovations like the double-reservoir power filler, the 23kt palladium nib, the hook-safe cap lock mechanism, and the personalized "My Pen System." The pinnacle of their inventive design philosophy is embodied in the Homo Sapiens - a fountain pen forged with basaltic lava from Mt. Etna. After he was forced out of Visconti in 2016, Del Vecchio connected with another Florentine writing brand, Pineider.

Originally founded in 1774, Pineider crafted quality stationery fit for royalty and aristocracy. In 2017, the company introduced several new pen collections under Dante's stewardship, continuing his avant-garde style of writing design.

Similarly, when the doors of the bankrupt OMAS brand shuttered after being in business for over 90 years, the former employees of the company were down but not out. They founded SCRIBO, short for Scrittura Bolognese, on the principles that made OMAS pens so desirable to writers. They obtained the original OMAS tooling to continue their legendary 14kt soft flexible nib and their buttery smooth 18kt gold nib.

Ciro Matrone and his son, Salvatore utilized 45 years of experience working for the now-defunct Delta Pen Company to found Leonardo Officina Italiana based in Naples. Since 2018, the duo focused on the strengths of Italian penmaking - gorgeous acrylic and celluloid materials, graceful design, and a smooth-writing experience befitting the luxury look of the pen.

Other noteworthy Italian pen companies to explore: Stipula, Tibaldi, Maiora, Marlen, Nettuno, Pininfarina, and Loclen.


Italian Pen Brands

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