Filofax Warranty

The Filofax brand was founded in 1921 with a goal of providing exceptional products which improve the lives of their customers. Throughout their history, and even more so today, they are confident that Filofax continues to deliver on its promise of providing the
very best in quality, style and functionality.

They are extremely confident that you will find your Filofax to be superbly made, however if a problem does arise you should know that Filofax warrants all of its Filofax branded products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) full year from the date of original purchase.

Should you experience any failure in workmanship, or materials, within the first full year of ownership, simply return your purchase to the address below. You will be required to provide proof of purchase and also provide for the initial cost of return shipping to their facility. If you do not have a proof of purchase, then the item you are returning must be currently in our range or currently listed on our website as a full priced item. If upon inspection they determine that your Filofax is defective, then they will agree to repair or replace it free of charge, and they will also refund up to $8.00 of the cost that you paid to return the item to them. The decision to repair or replace remains with them. As their models/styles/colors change frequently they will make every effort to replace your Filofax with one that is similar in style, size or color.

This limited one year warranty does not cover damage from normal wear and tear, accident,
abuse or damage caused by improper handling, cleaning or care. Normal wear and tear may
include slight changes in the appearance of the leather, vinyl or fabric covering, Normal wear and tear may also produce scratches, scuffs, tears, cracks, creases, worn-edges, stains, fading or stretching. Snaps and zippers may also show wear and tear over time. If any of the above describes the condition of your Filofax product, and you only require non-warranty repair services, please click on this to be connected to a list of local craftsman who may be able to assist you with repairs for a fee.

Growth marks in leather are part of the natural beauty of leather products. While great care is taken to minimize the amount and appearance of growth marks, they cannot guarantee that natural products are totally free from these characteristics.

If they authorize the return of your product, they strongly recommend that you ship it to them using a service that provides tracking information for your package. Shipping in this manner will enable you to confirm the delivery of your package to their location. Filofax is not responsible for damage in transit, or lost shipments while inbound to our facility. Also, when returning your product, please include a brief note describing the exact nature of the problem, a copy of the original purchase receipt (if available), and your pertinent
contact information.

This is for the Filofax brand.