Pelikan M200 & M205 Fountain Pens

The Classic M200 and M205, along with the Pelikan Souveran 1000 Pens,  part of the Pelikan fountain pens collection, are equipped with a tried and tested piston-filling mechanism, a hallmark of Pelikan's renowned engineering.
Pelikan Tradition 205 Ballpoint Pen in White
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Pelikan Classic 205 Fountain Pen in Moonstone
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The Pelikan M200 & M205 Fountain Pen series embodies traditional craftsmanship and modern functionality, making them a coveted choice for pen enthusiasts and writers alike. At Goldspot Pens, we offer these exquisite writing instruments, each a testament to Pelikan's commitment to quality and elegance.

The Pelikan M200 & M205 Fountain Pen Series

The Essence of Pelikan's Craftsmanship

Pelikan, a revered name in the world of fountain pens, is synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship. The M200 and M205 series are perfect examples, with their polished stainless steel nibs and reliable piston-filling mechanisms. The M200, known for its smooth writing experience, and the M205, with its shiny silver trim, reflect Pelikan's dedication to quality.

A Range of Elegant Designs

The M200 and M205 series boast a variety of designs, from the classic black and blue marbled finishes to the more contemporary rose quartz and gold trim options. These pens are not just writing instruments but also a statement of personal style.

Pelikan M205 Fountain Pen: A Review of Excellence

Special Editions: From Petrol-Marbled to Moonstone

The M205 fountain pen stands out with its special editions. For instance, the Petrol-Marbled and Moonstone variants have been praised by the Goulet Pen Company for their unique aesthetics, blending traditional design with modern flair.

Customer Experiences with the M205

Customers often highlight the M205's exceptional balance and comfort, making it a preferred choice for extended writing sessions. Its broad nib options cater to various writing styles, enhancing appeal.

The Featured Pelikan M200 & M205 Fountain Pens Collection

Pen Model



Special Features

Pelikan Classic 205 Fountain Pen in Apatite with Edelstein Ink of the Year 2022 Set

Apatite-colored fountain pen with matching ink set

$155.00 (50% off from $310.00)

Limited Edition, Includes Edelstein Ink

Pelikan Classic Series M205 Fountain Pen in Petrol-Marbled - Special Edition

Petrol-Marbled design

$224.00 (20% off from $280.00)

Special Edition, Unique Marbled Finish

Pelikan Classic 200 Fountain Pen in Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl color

$156.00 (40% off from $260.00)

Elegant Golden Finish

Pelikan Classic 205 Fountain Pen in Moonstone

Moonstone color

$224.00 (20% off from $280.00)

Sleek, Modern Design

Pelikan Traditional Series M205 Fountain Pen in Blue Marbled

Blue Marbled design

$151.95 (18% off from $190.00)

Classic Blue Marbled Finish

Pelikan Classic M200 Fountain Pen in Cafe Creme

Cafe Creme color


Warm, Inviting Color Tone

Pelikan Classic 200 Fountain Pen in Gold Marbled

Gold Marbled design


Luxurious Gold Marbled Finish

Pelikan M200 Series Fountain Pen in Green Marble with Gold Trim

Green Marble with Gold Trim

$167.95 (20% off from $210.00)

Traditional Green Marble with Elegant Gold Trim

Pelikan Classic M200 Fountain Pen in Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz color

$224.00 (20% off from $280.00)

Unique Smoky Quartz Color

Pelikan Classic M205 Fountain Pen in Clear Demonstrator

Clear Demonstrator design

$224.00 (20% off from $280.00)

Transparent Design to Showcase Internal Mechanics

The Pelikan Classic M200: Timeless Elegance in Writing

Nib Craftsmanship: The Heart of Pelikan M200

The Pelikan M200 is renowned for its nib craftsmanship. Each nib, extra fine or broad, is meticulously crafted to ensure a consistent and enjoyable writing experience.

Ink Flow and Writing Experience

The ink flow in the M200 is smooth and reliable, a feature often highlighted by customers. This, combined with the pen's comfortable grip, makes the M200 a joy for casual writing and more formal occasions.

Special Editions: Highlighting the Pelikan M205 Rose Quartz & More

The Allure of Limited Editions

The M205 Rose Quartz is a prime example of Pelikan's limited editions. These pens are not just writing tools but collectible items cherished for their uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Why Collectors Cherish These Unique Pieces

Collectors value these special edition pens for their rarity and the story they represent. Each limited edition piece, like the M205 Rose Quartz, is a part of Pelikan's rich history.

Choosing the Perfect Gift: Pelikan M200 & M205 Fountain Pens

A Pelikan M200 or M205 fountain pen is more than just a gift; it's a gesture of appreciation and taste. Whether for a seasoned collector or a novice, these pens are a thoughtful and luxurious choice.

The Art of the Nib: Understanding Pelikan's Nib Options

From Fine to Broad: A Guide to Pelikan Nibs

Pelikan offers a range of nib sizes, from fine to broad, catering to different writing preferences. Each nib size offers a unique writing experience, whether it's a fine nib's precision or a broad one's boldness.

The Role of Nib Size in Writing Style

The choice of nib size significantly influences writing style. A fine nib is ideal for detailed work, while a broad nib suits those who prefer a more assertive and expressive script.

Pelikan Classic Series: A Journey Through Time

The Evolution of the Pelikan Classic

The Pelikan Classic series has evolved, incorporating new technologies while maintaining the brand's heritage. This series represents a journey through time, showcasing Pelikan's enduring commitment to quality.

Iconic Designs: Blue Marbled, Gold Trim, and More

The Classic series features iconic designs like the blue marbled and gold trim models. These designs have become synonymous with Pelikan's legacy in fine writing instruments.

The Intricacies of Pelikan M205 Fountain Pen Ink

Choosing the Right Ink for Your Pelikan Pen

Selecting the right ink for your Pelikan M205 is crucial. The ink quality affects the writing experience, and Pelikan offers a range of colors and formulations to suit different preferences.

The Importance of Ink Quality and Color

The quality and color of the ink play a significant role in the overall experience of using a Pelikan pen. High-quality ink ensures smooth flow and vibrant color, enhancing the joy of writing.

The Aesthetic Appeal of the Pelikan M200 Marble and Gold Designs

Exploring the Visual Beauty of Pelikan Pens

The marble and gold designs of the M200 series are a testament to Pelikan's attention to aesthetic detail. These pens are not just functional; they are works of art.

The Significance of Material and Finish in Pen Design

The choice of materials and finishes in Pelikan pens, such as the marble and gold trim, adds to their allure. These elements are carefully selected to enhance the pen's appearance and functionality.

The Pelikan Classic 205: A Closer Look at Its Unique Features

The Distinctive Characteristics of the 205 Model

The Pelikan Classic 205 stands out for its unique features, such as the piston mechanism and the polished stainless steel nib. These elements combine to offer a superior writing experience.

Why the Classic 205 Stands Out in the Pelikan Lineup

The Classic 205 is distinguished by its traditional design and modern functionality balance. It's a pen that appeals to both long-time Pelikan fans and those new to the brand.

Buy Your Pelikan M200 & M205 Fountain Pens from Goldspot Pens

Goldspot Pens offers a wide selection of Pelikan M200 and M205 fountain pens. Whether you're a collector, a professional, or someone who appreciates fine writing instruments, we have the perfect Pelikan pen for you. Explore our collection and find your ideal writing companion today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes the Pelikan M200 & M205 from the Pelikan Souverän Series?

The Pelikan M200 & M205 are distinct from the Pelikan Souverän Series in affordability and design. The M200 & M205, ideal for beginners and enthusiasts, features a differential-piston filling mechanism. In contrast, the Souverän Series is more premium, with larger pens, elaborate finishes, and often gold nibs. The M200 & M205 offer great value and quality, popular for everyday use.

How does the ink variety Pelikan offers enhance the experience of using the M200 & M205 pens?

Pelikan Ink Varieties enhance the M200 & M205 pens' experience by offering a wide range of colors and formulations. This variety allows for personalization and ensures smooth flow and vibrant color. The inks complement the M200 & M205's fine nibs, which are suitable for classic and eclectic preferences.

Are any unique edition models available in the Pelikan M200 & M205 series?

The Pelikan M205 series features Special Editions with unique designs and finishes. Examples include the Petrol-Marbled and Moonstone editions. Collectors seek these special editions for their uniqueness and craftsmanship.

What should I know about the nib options for the Pelikan M200 & M205 pens?

The Pelikan M200 & M205 pens offer various nib sizes, from extra fine to broad. Each nib is crafted for superior quality, made of durable stainless steel, and ensures smooth ink flow. This range allows users to select a pen that matches their writing style.

How do I maintain and service my Pelikan M200 & M205 Fountain Pen?

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the Pelikan M200 & M205 Fountain Pen when changing inks. The pens can be disassembled for cleaning with lukewarm water. Pelikan offers maintenance products for deeper cleaning. Proper storage and servicing at authorized centers are recommended for longevity.