Writing New Year Resolutions

2013 is going to be a big year.
Writing New Year Resolutions

When December comes to a close and you look back at all the goals accomplished and resolutions resolved, a wave of awesomeness will wash over you.

..And it all starts with a list.

"Resolutions," you may call them. I call them "goals." Saying to yourself, "I'm going to write more this year!" just doesn't cut it in my book. There needs to be a set objective that measures your efforts, thus creating a pass/fail point. One of my resolutions is going to be writing 8 posts per month for the Goldspot Blog (with this one counting as the first, yay!). They don't have to be long reviews or highfalutin diatribes about which fountain pen filling system is best (*piston*), but I do have to sit down, pen in-hand or laptop on lap, write and publish these posts on a regular basis now.

Writing should be a big part of many 2013 resolutions. Think of how many professions depend on quality written ideas : Copy-writing for sales & marketing, e-mail writing to clients, writing persuasive presentations, writing business plans, etc. Every time thoughts need to be transferred to words on paper (or screen), you want to put your best foot forward to appear smart, considerate and respectable for your intended audience. Hopefully, this would impress your boss enough to get you that raise!

So, what are your 2013 Writing Resolutions? Looking to complete the 1st draft of that book idea you've had for years? Write once a day in a journal? Practice your penmanship for an hour a week? We're looking for some great suggestions in the comments below to get others inspired to write this year. In fact, we're so jazzed up about this that we're holding a giveaway to encourage participation.

The Giveaway Prize:
Writing New Year Resolutions

A Rhodia Webnotebook! (your choice of lined, grid, plain or dot grid) + a $10 Goldspot Gift Card, good for any future purchase of fine pens and inks at Goldspot.com.

Giveaway Rules
  • Each person will be able to enter the contest by writing a comment below, sharing their 2013 Writing Resolution(s).
  • Contest is open to US residents only.
  • You will have until 11:50 AM Eastern on Tuesday, January 8th to complete your entry.
  • Winner will be selected by using the random nubmer generator at Random.org
  • Winner will be announced here on the site (nowhere else) on Tuesday, January 8th
  • Winner will have one week from the time of the announcement to claim their prize
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