Visconti Millennium Arc Review - 2015 Edition Sneak Peek

Visconti Millennium ARC Review

I'm going to precede this article with a disclaimer : I've lusted after the original Visconti Millennium Arc I, II & III fountain pens that were released at the turn of this new century (hence the name).

I don't have an original photo, but the originals were a limited edition that are rare these days, but some are available used or new if you hunt for them on the 'net. Combine the style of the Homo Sapiens Crystal Swirl with a arc-filling fountain pen and you've got the original Millennium Arc collection. There was a red, blue and orange, all with 18kt gold nibs and all absolutely delicious to behold.

Earlier this year, when I was on the phone with one of our associates over at Coles of London (Visconti's US distributor), I nearly drooled into my headset when informed that the Millennium Arc would be making a comeback in 2015.

"Great," I thought. After deleting my "millennium arc" saved search on eBay, I've been patiently waiting for the first new information on this re-released limited edition.

Visconti Millennium Arc 2015 Edition Sneak Peek

The photos came first. I'll be honest, I was disappointed they weren't demonstrators like the previous models. I loved the swirling pattern on the barrels. That style was what made the Homo Sapiens limited edition, and the Opera Master Demonstrators so successful. I could understand why they would not want to re-release the same exact pen, but I was secretly hoping it would be close.

Visconti Millennium Arc 2015 Edition Sneak Peek

That being said, I do like the new "Moonlight" and "Rainbow" finishes. The Moonlight colors (green, burgundy and blue) are Italian acrylic resins that exhibit a high degree of chatoyance (I learned of that word from Brian at Edison Pens - thanks Brian!). The Rainbow takes a different approach with stacked colors of the rainbow with a dark blue cap. Although it is quite funky, I can dig it!

The other big departure from the original collection is the nib. Visconti is using the Chromium 18 tubular nib on the new Millennium Arc. For those who are new to the nib, Visconti introduced it 3 years ago with the Mosquito-filling tool that allows for the user to fill their pen similar to a Sheaffer Snorkel. A long tube is connected to the nib and feed, fitting over like a sleeve. It allows a mess-free fill from a bottle of ink. Although the Arcs will have the Smartouch nib, they will not include the mosquito fill device.

Filling up the Arc Filler

Moving the locking clip around to allow the arc to depress, I submerge the entire nib into the bottle of ink up to the start of the section. My index finger firmly presses on the arc to expel the air from the sac that is inside the barrel. Bubbles appear in the ink as a result. I let go of the arc to allow the sac to expand again, creating a vacuum and drawing the ink through the feed, up into the sac. The pressing and releasing is repeated a few times until bubbles stop surfacing.

Visconti Millennium Arc 2015 Edition Sneak Peek

Writing with the Smartouch Chromium 18 Nib

Putting the pen to paper, the Smartouch nib feels like it needs a little time to be broken in. The ink flow comes out wet, but I think there is a case of baby's bottom that is causing the nib to miss randomly. A little work with a micromesh pad should get the nib writing like it's on a plate of glass. For what it's worth, European-made, high-end pens tend to be culprits of this problem, but for a $350 pen, the end-user should have a writing instrument that sings right out of the box.

The nib does exhibit a slight degree of expressiveness when flexed. It may not be an intentional part of the design. Coles of London has advised that, although it is a steel nib, the Smartouch does exhibit a small degree of flex.

The metal section can be a turn-off to some, especially those who have a higher degree of perspiration on their hands. The metal does add a bit more weight to the pen, which feels more comfortable to write with unposted.

Visconti Millennium Arc 2015 Edition Sneak Peek

How Does the Visconti Millennium ARC Pen Write?

The Visconti Millennium ARC Pen, equipped with the Smartouch Chromium 18 nib, offers a unique writing experience that combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship. Initially, users might find the nib requires a brief period of adjustment to achieve its optimal performance. Once acclimated, the pen delivers a wet ink flow, characteristic of high-end European pens, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted writing. The nib's slight expressiveness allows for a modest variation in line width, adding character to your handwriting. Despite the occasional need for minor adjustments, such as smoothing with a micromesh pad to eliminate any 'baby's bottom' issues, the pen promises an exceptional writing journey. Its metal section, while adding a bit of weight, contributes to a balanced feel, particularly for those who prefer to write unposted.

Is the Visconti Millennium ARC Pen Worth the Investment?

Priced at $349 for the fountain pen variant, the Visconti Millennium ARC Pen stands as a testament to luxury and functionality merged into one. The pen's innovative arc filling system, paired with the Smartouch Chromium 18 nib, sets it apart in the realm of fine writing instruments. Its unique filling mechanism not only offers convenience but also an element of novelty that distinguishes it from other pens in its class. The choice between the vibrant "Moonlight" and the playful "Rainbow" finishes allows for personal expression through one's writing instrument. Considering its limited edition status, advanced technology, and the craftsmanship behind the Visconti name, the Millennium ARC Pen represents a significant investment for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Who Should Buy the Visconti Millennium ARC Pen?

The Visconti Millennium ARC Pen is an ideal choice for those who value the artistry behind their writing instruments and seek a pen that combines innovative technology with aesthetic appeal. It is particularly suited for collectors of limited edition pens, given its unique finishes and advanced filling system. Writers and professionals who appreciate the tactile experience of writing with a high-quality fountain pen will find the Millennium ARC's performance and design to their liking. Moreover, its distinctive appearance and functional elegance make it a thoughtful gift for special occasions, appealing to anyone who cherishes the written word.

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A Few Choice Words

Visconti Millennium Arc Moonlight & Rainbow Limited Edition Fountain Pens
Filling System : Arc Filler
Nib : Smartouch Chromium 18
Price : Fountain Pen $349, Rollerball $299
Available : in October

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