Namiki Yukari Review - Unboxing $33,000 Fountain Pens

Namiki Yukari Review

In 2018, Pilot Japan celebrated its 100th anniversary of manufacturing world-class writing instruments. To commemorate the centennial, Pilot commissioned a collection of limited edition maki-e pens under the Namiki brand. Japanese artisans, trained in this centuries-old art form, worked for years leading up to the Pilot anniversary to complete these pens.

The result was nothing short of spectacular. To bring themselves good luck for the next 100 years, Pilot themed this limited edition after the Seven Gods of Good Fortune.

namiki seven gods of good fortune 100th anniversary fountain pen set

We were lucky to receive one of the 25 sets of Seven Gods sets made worldwide. It sold quickly to one of our close customers before we had a chance to make a video for it.

Earlier this year, Pilot introduced the Seven Gods individually in the Yukari model with the companion Iroshizuku ink. These pens are limited to 150 pieces each and are the topic of our $33,000 pen unboxing video.

Each of the Gods is individually packed in a wooden box with a leather pen case and the 50ml bottle of ink.

Namiki Yukari seven gods 100th anniversary fountain pen set

I would not want to disgrace the Gods by butchering the pronunciation of their names. According to Japanese mythology, each God grants good luck in a particular area of life and is related to certain professions.

Layers of lacquer decorated with flakes and powder of gold, silver, and colored pigments as well as thin layers of abalone shells are hand-applied to the pen with painstaking accuracy and artistry.

If you desire to write with this functional piece of art, the Yukari fountain pen has an 18kt gold nib in medium point only. The nib is an exclusive design dedicated to the 100th-anniversary line. The pen fills using Pilot/Namiki ink cartridges or with the included CON-70 push-button converter.

Which is your favorite of the Seven Gods pens? Would you write with this pen

How Does the Namiki Yukari Pen Write?

The Namiki Yukari fountain pen, with its 18kt gold nib, offers an unparalleled writing experience. This medium-point nib, exclusive to the 100th-anniversary line, glides smoothly across the paper, laying down a consistent and fluid line of ink. The pen's filling system accommodates both Pilot/Namiki ink cartridges and the included CON-70 push-button converter, providing flexibility in ink choices. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures that each stroke reflects the pen's quality, making writing not just a task but a luxurious experience.

Is the Namiki Yukari Pen Worth the Investment?

Given its limited edition status, with only 150 pieces available for each of the Seven Gods, the Namiki Yukari pen represents not just a writing instrument but a piece of art. The layers of lacquer, gold, silver, and colored pigments, along with abalone shell accents, are applied with exceptional skill. This level of craftsmanship, combined with the pen's functional excellence and the prestige of the Namiki brand, positions the Yukari as a valuable collector's item. Its investment value is enhanced by its rarity and the cultural significance of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune, making it a worthwhile acquisition for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Who Should Buy the Namiki Yukari Pen?

The Namiki Yukari pen is ideally suited for collectors, connoisseurs of fine writing instruments, and those who appreciate Japanese art and culture. Its appeal extends to professionals seeking a statement piece that reflects their status and taste, as well as to writers and artists who value the quality and inspiration it brings to their work. The pen's cultural and artistic significance, combined with its exceptional writing performance, makes it a coveted item for anyone who values luxury, craftsmanship, and the storied history of the Namiki brand.

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