Review : Private Reserve Fiesta Red Fountain Pen Ink

Review : Private Reserve Fiesta Red Fountain Pen Ink

Private Reserve Ink Review

With Mardi Gras coming up, we are in the party mood to review the Private Reserve Fiesta Red bottled ink. The test pen is a Cross Sentiment fountain pen in fine point. As with the other Private Reserve inks that have been reviewed lately, the Fiesta Red color is rich with saturated pigmentation. Not quite a burgundy or fire-engine red, the hue can be best described as a rich, blood red.

Review : Private Reserve Fiesta Red Fountain Pen Ink
Drying time is an issue. As you can see by the writing sample, even three seconds is not completely smear-proof. The flow is great and you can see a bit of shading. No feathering, but you can see a bit of show-through on the back of the page. Overall, a beautiful color, but probably best used by right-handed people with a fine or extra-fine nib to prevent as much smear as possible.

Is the Private Reserve Fountain Pen Ink Worth the Investment?

The Private Reserve Fiesta Red Fountain Pen Ink stands out for its unique hue and quality. Unlike typical red inks, Fiesta Red offers a deep, blood-red color that enriches your writing, providing a visually striking experience. Its saturated pigmentation ensures that each stroke delivers vibrant color, making your words pop off the page. However, potential buyers should consider the ink's drying time. The ink's tendency to smear, especially if not given a few seconds to dry properly, may be a concern for some users. For right-handed writers using fine or extra-fine nibs, this issue is less pronounced, making it a more suitable choice. Given these characteristics, the investment in Fiesta Red is justified for those who prioritize ink color richness and can accommodate the drying time in their writing habits.

Who Should Buy the Private Reserve Fiesta Red Fountain Pen Ink?

This ink is ideal for enthusiasts who value the aesthetic aspect of their writing and are looking for a unique red that stands out. Its rich, blood-red shade makes it perfect for occasions that require a distinct and vibrant color, such as signing documents, personal journaling, or artistic endeavors. Given its drying characteristics, it is particularly well-suited for right-handed individuals or those who prefer using fine or extra-fine nibs to minimize smearing. Additionally, collectors and aficionados of fountain pen inks will appreciate the unique qualities that Fiesta Red brings to their collection. It may not be the best choice for fast-paced note-taking or for left-handed writers who might struggle with smearing.

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