Review : Noodler's Standard Brown Fountain Pen Ink

Review : Noodlers Standard Brown Fountain Pen InkI think I've been watching Food Network too much lately, as I've got chocolate on the brain. Looking for a chocolate-colored ink, I gave Noodler's a shot with their standard Brown ink. Used in our previous review of the Parker Premier, the Noodler's Brown provides a nice mid-toned brown color. It is also being tested in an Edison fountain pen with a fine nib and I am finding similar results with both fine point nibs.

The color is as neutral as a brown can be, hence the "standard" epithet. It flows very nicely and has a decent drying time. The hue has a deep, saturated tone which, in my opinion, would be acceptable for professional use. This is a good choice if you like the old-time, sepia aesthetic.

Review : Noodlers Standard Brown Fountain Pen Ink
Perhaps you are also in the mood for chocolate as well? Maybe the choice in ink color is a deep-seated desire to see earth again after back-to-back snowstorms made all the ground white for the last 2 weeks. Maybe it's because I'm wearing a brown shirt today? Anyway...

Since Spring is (hopefully) coming, we will move into reviewing the gargantuan selection of green inks that we carry in search of a perfect spring color. Any suggestions of where to start?
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