Review : Noodler's Standard Brown Fountain Pen Ink

Noodler's Brown Ink Review

I think I've been watching Food Network too much lately, as I've got chocolate on the brain. Looking for a chocolate-colored ink, I gave Noodler's a shot with their standard Brown ink. Used in our previous , the Noodler's Brown provides a nice mid-toned brown color. It is also being tested in an Edison fountain pen with a fine nib and I am finding similar results with both fine point nibs.The color is as neutral as a brown can be, hence the "standard" epithet. It flows very nicely and has a decent drying time. The hue has a deep, saturated tone which, in my opinion, would be acceptable for professional use. This is a good choice if you like the old-time, sepia aesthetic.

Perhaps you are also in the mood for chocolate as well? Maybe the choice in ink color is a deep-seated desire to see earth again after back-to-back snowstorms made all the ground white for the last 2 weeks. Maybe it's because I'm wearing a brown shirt today? Anyway...Since Spring is (hopefully) coming, we will move into reviewing the gargantuan selection of green inks that we carry in search of a perfect spring color. Any suggestions of where to start?

Is the Noodler's Brown Ink Worth the Investment?

Noodler's Brown Ink stands out for its mid-toned, chocolate-like hue, offering a neutral yet deep and saturated tone suitable for various writing tasks. Its performance in fountain pens, tested with fine nibs, reveals a smooth flow and decent drying time, making it a practical choice for both personal and professional use. Given its quality and versatility, Noodler's Brown Ink represents a valuable addition to any pen enthusiast's collection. Its ability to mimic the old-time, sepia aesthetic adds a unique charm to your writing, ensuring that the investment transcends mere functionality to touch on the aesthetic pleasure of writing.

Who Should Buy the Noodler's Brown Ink?

Noodler's Brown Ink is ideal for individuals who appreciate the nostalgia and warmth of a sepia-toned aesthetic. Its neutral brown color, reminiscent of chocolate, makes it a perfect match for those seeking to add a touch of elegance and timelessness to their written documents. Whether you are a professional looking to elevate your official documents or a pen aficionado desiring to diversify your ink collection with a color that stands out for its depth and saturation, Noodler's Brown Ink is your go-to option. It is also suited for artists and calligraphers who value ink with consistent flow and good drying properties for their artwork.

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