Retro 51 x Goldspot Pens Introduce the Coffee Tornado

Retro 51 x Goldspot Pens Introduce the Coffee Tornado

It's no secret that the Goldspot office has a love affair with coffee. Most mornings, one can smell the first pot being brewed before getting in the door.

So, when we were discussing the design of an exclusive collaboration with Texas-based Retro 1951, we thought an ode to the mighty bean was in order.

Retro 51's Tornado twist-action rollerball pen has rapidly become an iconic writing instrument, with many styles that take on a variety of themes. Cats, zombies, space rockets, baseballs and ugly sweaters were the topics of several recent limited edition Tornadoes. So, why not coffee?

Retro 51 x Goldspot Pens Introduce the Coffee Tornado

Brewing a Cup of Retro

We approached Retro with a tall (or venti) order. We placed a great deal of trust in their stellar graphics department, who really came through in achieving our vision of a caffeinated Tornado Pen.

The base of the pen's barrel takes its texture and color from the burlap sacks that transport the whole coffee beans. Retro's acid etch technique, combined with a matte finish, achieve this rustic effect.

Retro 51 x Goldspot Pens Introduce the Coffee Tornado

Icons of coffee beans and espresso cups are imprinted on the textured finish. Coffee terms, written in varying typographic styles, are poured over the beige colored barrel in varying tones of brown. This design will be right at home with your coffee wall decor that may already be adorning your breakfast nook or kitchen.

Retro 51 x Goldspot Pens Introduce the Coffee Tornado

The antique metal accents, clip and knurled turning mechanism complete the style in a way that is distinctively Retro. An espresso brown disc tops the crown of the pen.

The Ink

The Tornado rollerball includes a short, capless rollerball type refill which has smooth-writing, gel type ink that lasts for some time in a retractable pen. The Tornado pens can also accept Parker-style ballpoint refills, which are available in a wide array of colors, even in gel inks. So, it would be possible to match your Coffee Tornado with a brown or sepia ballpoint cartridge.

Retro 51 x Goldspot Pens Introduce the Coffee Tornado
Retro x Goldspot Coffee Tornado Packaging (no beans included)


As with any special edition Retro pen, the Coffee Tornado received the full treatment with a matching art for the tube packaging. The label has a big mug with the Goldspot logo, along with our website address.

Is It a Limited Edition?

We decided the Coffee Tornado is too good of a pen to limit in number. After all, don't you hate it when the last drop of coffee is gone? We do, too.

So, when this batch of Coffee Tornadoes are sold, we will obtain more. However, our first shipment is limited for the Holidays, and we wouldn't expect the next shipment to arrive until after the New Year. If you're looking to get the Retro 51 Coffee Tornado for yourself or as a gift for Christmas, we would recommend to jump on this as soon as possible so you don't miss out on your hot cup of pen awesomeness.


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