Pilot Vanishing Point Review - The 2015 Twilight Edition

Pilot Vanishing Point 2015 Twilight Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Sneak Peek


Pilot Vanishing Point Review

You can imagine how our faces lit up when we received a special package from Pilot with the new 2015 limited edition Twilight Vanishing Point inside. We shared some images from Pilot a couple weeks back when news first broke about this ombre color fountain pen. We think its a real stunner and, as far as we've seen from the reaction online, a lot of you think so as well.

Pilot Vanishing Point 2015 Twilight Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Sneak Peek

Most of you who are lusting after this pen may already have a Vanishing Point, so I won't go into talking about how the pen fills up, writes or feels in-hand. You already know that. What makes the Twilight special is the finish. Besides being a limited production with the edition number engraved on the center band, the metallic barrel is distinctively designed with a gradient that runs from an icy blue to a royal purple toward the nib end. The metallic quality of the color is similar to that of the Vanishing Point Metallics that were released in 2014.

Pilot Vanishing Point 2015 Twilight Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Sneak Peek

The Pilot VP Twilight's color feels like you're standing at the edge of a glacier with your breath steaming in front of your face. Nightfall is coming and the only thing on your mind is getting a shelter up before the brutal cold sets in. This unique aesthetic brings to mind the ongoing debate of decimo vs vanishing point, each with its own distinct feel and writing experience.

It will still be a while until we expect the limited edition to be released in the United States. Some retailers are listing this pen on their websites, but we are not going to be listing it until we know the pens are due to arrive on a specific date. If you would like to place a pre-order, we are guaranteed a very limited amount of these pens, so please give us a call during business hours and we'll take care of you if we still can. Reference part number P60403. Price : $240 USD.

The packaging is gleaming white, with an accent panel at the front that is colored with the same gradient that matches the pen. The Pilot Logo is stamped on the top lid in an icy blue color.

The Vanishing Point Twilight comes with a medium point, 18kt gold nib with rhodium plating (to match the silver trims and clip) as a standard configuration. It can accept any of the replacement Pilot Capless fountain pen nibs. If you have a specific request for a particular nib size, we can accommodate you with an extra-fine, fine, broad or 1.0mm stub nib.

Pilot Vanishing Point 2015 Twilight Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Sneak Peek

Also available soon will be the small, sample bottle sizes of the Pilot Iroshizuku inks. Each of these inks will be included in a three pack of 15mL bottles, which is a great gift for the writing aficionado.

Pilot Vanishing Point 2015 Twilight Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Sneak Peek


How Does the Pilot Vanishing Point Pen Write?

The Pilot Vanishing Point Pen, particularly the 2015 Twilight Limited Edition, offers an exceptional writing experience that stands out even among seasoned fountain pen users. Equipped with a medium point, 18kt gold nib coated in rhodium to match its silver trims and clip, this pen glides across the paper with ease and precision. The Vanishing Point's writing performance is further customizable, accommodating nib sizes from extra-fine to broad and even a 1.0mm stub, ensuring that every user can find their perfect writing style. The pen's ink flow is consistent, providing a smooth and uninterrupted writing experience that highlights the quality and craftsmanship Pilot is known for.

Is the Pilot Vanishing Point Pen Worth the Investment?

With a price tag of $240 USD, the Pilot Vanishing Point 2015 Twilight Limited Edition is an investment in both function and art. The pen's unique gradient finish, transitioning from an icy blue to a royal purple, not only makes it a visually stunning piece but also a collector's item due to its limited production. Each pen is engraved with an edition number on the center band, adding to its exclusivity. The quality of materials, including the 18kt gold nib and the meticulous design, ensures durability and a timeless appeal. Considering its aesthetic value, limited availability, and superior writing performance, the Pilot Vanishing Point Pen represents a worthwhile investment for both pen enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Who Should Buy the Pilot Vanishing Point Pen?

The Pilot Vanishing Point Pen, especially the 2015 Twilight Limited Edition, is ideal for a diverse range of individuals. It is perfect for fountain pen aficionados who appreciate the craftsmanship and unique design of limited edition pens. Writers who prioritize comfort and a customizable writing experience will benefit from the pen's ergonomic design and interchangeable nib sizes. Collectors looking for rare finds will be drawn to the pen's exclusivity and the unique gradient finish. Additionally, it makes a thoughtful and luxurious gift for professionals, creatives, and anyone who values the art of writing. In essence, the Pilot Vanishing Point Pen is suited for anyone who seeks a blend of functionality, style, and exclusivity in their writing instruments.

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Goldspot Pens is your premier destination for acquiring the Pilot Vanishing Point 2015 Twilight Limited Edition Fountain Pen. As a trusted retailer, we guarantee a limited quantity of this exquisite pen, ensuring that our customers receive a piece of unmatched quality and rarity. For those interested in making this pen a part of their collection or gifting it to a cherished individual, we invite you to place a pre-order by calling us during business hours. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any requests, including specific nib sizes, to personalize your writing experience. Don't miss the opportunity to own or gift a piece of writing elegance; contact Goldspot Pens today.

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