Pen Spotlight - Noodler's Pens and Ink Samples

Many have heard that Noodler's is coming out with their own line of fountain pens. We will be selling them on our site in the coming weeks. After reading this review by Bleubug, who bought oodles of Noodler's pens, we're a little nervous carrying these. We can at least help one of the issues by putting some padding into the pen boxes before shipping them to prevent any defects by the time they arrive to your door.

There's been some buzz around the pen & ink blogs about "ink swatches" and their color representation on the computer screen. Brian Goulet over at Ink Nouveau unveiled his Swab Shop, which is an ink comparison tool, viewing ink swabs of 160+ colors from several brands. Inkophile wrote a post this week as a disclaimer to viewing ink swatches on the 'net. Ink color is a tricky subject that is riddled with inaccuracy when you try and reproduce the hue on another medium like the web. Part of being a fountain pen enthusiast is exploring the scores of different brands and formulas to find something you love. True, it does help when you have a swatch as a general reference, but I'd rather find out myself by loading up the pen and giving it a "go"!

Remember our post about Pens and the Age of Consumer Electronics a few months ago? Pocket Blonde found a notepad app that looks a lot like a pocket Moleskine or a Field Notes jounral on your iPad. Steve Jobs is trying to take food off my table!

As if you don't already have a Safari, or don't know why you should own one - check out Unposted's Lamy Safari review. If you like pens in general, and I'm talking ballpoint and rollerball pens, you should still have a Safari fountain pen. Do yourself a favor and buy one.
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