Noodler's Nightshade

Noodlers Nightshade
I just rinsed Noodler's Nightshade out of my Pelikan M215 this morning and decided to blog about the color. On the left is a page of notes I took a week or so ago. 
I couldn't really put my finger on this color in an office fluorescent light setting. Every time I glance at my writing, I always thought I was looking at black or a blue/black. My mind is saying, "What are you? A dark blue? A light black?" And my mind is already waterlogged with other quandaries in life, so it doesn't really care enough to answer the question. Even in natural light, you would really have to look closely to see that the dark shade was a purple/plum color.
The ink seemed to make the fine nib on the M215 write on the dry side. I eventually got tired of looking at my handwriting and trying to figure out if I was still writing with the blue/black I was using a few months back. I needed more distinction, more uniqueness in color, which is why I loaded my pen up with Noodler's Habanero; a color I am fond of as much as the pepper ( I make my own Louisiana Hot Sauce). With the summer coming, I wanted to write with a color that is spicy. I will take a page out of my book to show everyone next month when I finish that tank off.

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