Noodler's Habanero - Spicy for the Summer

Noodlers Habanero - Spicy for the Summer
Hey Noodler's fans,

Just finished a fill of Noodler's Habannero and I wanted to share my opinions. I've tasted the Habannero ink in the past, and it was hot enough that I went back for another fill about a week ago. The ink hue can be best described as a medium-value, reddish-orange. I felt it was wetter than the Nightshade I reviewed a week or so ago. I would tell you what pen and paper I used to write with it, but I might get in trouble. See the results for yourself on this page of notes to the left.

I was organizing this new notebook I purchased over the interwebs (again, I don't think it would be appreciated if I told you where I got this from). The color flowed vibrantly and did not have excessive feathering or bleed-through, which brings me to the next image .

Noodlers Habanero - Spicy for the SummerIf you click the image and really zoom up to take a close look, you will see that the bleed-through is minimal. You would be able to see the bullet points a little bit, but not much else.

I have handled Habannero peppers before while making my patented buffalo wing hot sauce. The color of the pepper does vary in shade, but most I have seen tend to contain much more yellow than the burnt orange that Noodler's chose to name after the pepper. But, I think their goal was to evoke the "spicy" connection between the color and the name rather than the actual color of the pepper. What do you think?

Next fill : Noodler's Baystate Blue. Review to come.
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