Pilot Metropolitan Retro Review - 2015 Limited Editions

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Review

I have my credit card out and ready for Pilot to take more of my fountain pen monies.

This Fall, we're anticipating this year's 2015 Vanishing Point limited edition, along with all-new colors for the Metropolitan (MR) line and super adorbs Iroshizuku ink bottles.

New 2015 Pilot Metropolitan Retro VP Limited Edition Twilight Iroshizuku Mini Bottles

The 2015 limited edition Vanishing Point is called "Twilight" and has a ombre style gradient that blends from a chilly ice blue to a royal purple down at the nib end. 850 pieces are expected to be distributed within the United States. We are expected to have a few when they are released in October. If you are interested in placing a pre-order, please contact our customer service department directly and we will secure one for you.

New 2015 Pilot Metropolitan Retro VP Limited Edition Twilight Iroshizuku Mini Bottles

The Pilot VP Twilight is expected to list for $240 and is available with the factory-installed medium point 18kt gold nib with rhodium plating. Upon request, we can exchange that nib for any available rhodium-plated nib size, including extra-fine, fine, medium, broad or the new 1.0mm stub. Each pen is presented in an exclusive edition gift box seen in the image above.

The Pilot Metropolitan (MR) has quickly become a staple item for every beginner fountain pen user. The low price point, smooth writing experience, elegant style and reliable construction make this pen a great everyday writing pen. The new Retro Pop line extension adds more colorful fun to the line.

New 2015 Pilot Metropolitan Retro VP Limited Edition Twilight Iroshizuku Mini Bottles
Pilot Metropolitan MR Retro Pop - Which is your favorite?

The new Metroplitan Retro Pop colors are due to arrive in the USA by November. The six finishes will be available in ballpoint, rollerball and steel nib fountain pen. They will be available on Goldspot Pens for pre-order a little closer to the date of their arrival.

New 2015 Pilot Metropolitan Retro VP Limited Edition Twilight Iroshizuku Mini Bottles

Although the Pilot mini Iroshizuku ink bottles have already made their way into the US with some customers ordering direct from Japan, Pilot USA intends to start carrying the 3-pack of inky cuteness in the late fall. Initially, there will be a release of 850 bottles and they will retail for $40 for a 3-pack.

Last, but not least, Pilot has started to ship their replacement nibs for the Vanishing Point fountain pen in the 1.0mm stub nib. This will be offered on select Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pens and sold separately so you may swap out your current VP nib.

How Does the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pen Write?

The Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pen stands out for its exceptional writing quality, attributed to its smooth, reliable steel nib. Users can expect a seamless flow of ink with minimal pressure, making it ideal for extended writing sessions. The pen's balance and ergonomic design ensure comfort in hand, further enhancing the writing experience. Whether drafting documents or exploring creative writing, the Metropolitan Retro Pen delivers consistent performance across various paper types.

Is the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pen Worth the Investment?

Considering its affordable price point, the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pen offers remarkable value. Its durable construction, paired with a stylish design, makes it a smart choice for both novice and seasoned fountain pen enthusiasts. The pen's reliability and low maintenance cost contribute to its overall worth, making it an excellent investment for those seeking quality without a hefty price tag. With the added benefit of being a part of the vibrant Retro Pop line, this pen is not just a writing instrument but a statement piece.

Who Should Buy the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pen?

The Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pen is ideally suited for a wide range of users, from students embarking on their fountain pen journey to professionals seeking a dependable daily writer. Its ease of use, combined with the smooth writing experience, makes it a perfect introductory pen for beginners. Additionally, collectors and enthusiasts will appreciate the Retro Pop line's unique colors and designs, making it a must-have addition to their collection. In essence, anyone valuing quality, style, and affordability in a writing instrument should consider the Metropolitan Retro Pen.

Buy Your Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pen at Goldspot Pens

For those looking to purchase the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pen, Goldspot Pens is the go-to destination. Offering the complete range of the Retro Pop collection, Goldspot ensures that you find your perfect match. Pre-orders are available, allowing you to secure your favorite design ahead of its arrival. With Goldspot Pens, customers are guaranteed authentic products, comprehensive customer service, and a seamless shopping experience. Explore the vibrant world of Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pens at Goldspot and elevate your writing to new heights.

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