Namiki Falcon vs. Pilot Metal Falcon Video Review

Namiki Falcon Vs Pilot Falcon

In this week's video review, our very own Michael Jones takes a look at the Namiki Falcon and the Pilot Metal Falcon.

In this video, we look at :

  • Unboxing the Pilot Metal Falcon and the Namiki Falcon
  • Pen Materials - Lacquered Metal with rhodium coated gold nib (Pilot Metal Falcon) and Resin with Gold trim and solid gold nib (Namiki Falcon).
  • Converters - The Metal Falcon uses a pump-action, push button converter (CON-70), while the Namiki Falcon uses a twist converter.
  • Filling each Falcon.
  • Test writing with the Falcon's unique Soft, solid gold nibs.

Overall, both pens are a pleasure to write with when taking advantage of the flexibility of the soft, solid gold nibs crafted to provide a smooth, variable line. The Metal Falcon has a distinct step up in the quality of the body and cap materials, and feels more rich and substantial in-hand. The Namiki Falcon, while only made of resin, does have a lighter feeling, but still offers the superior writing experience that the soft gold nib affords.

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