Edison Newark Review - Edison Newark Fountain Pen

Edison Newark Review

It took us many years of begging Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Company for a Goldspot Pens exclusive design fountain pen. Finally, we proudly introduce the Newark, the result of a collaboration between Goldspot Pens of New Jersey and the Edison Pen Co. of Ohio. Find out how this limited edition got its name and how it differs from other Edison Pens below.

It's been over 10 years since I (Tom) purchased my first Edison Fountain Pen. Since that day, I knew there was something special going on in Milan, Ohio - the birthplace of Thomas A. Edison. In 2009, Brian Gray was still using a manual lathe, producing custom line pens that you could have altered and tweaked to your heart's delight. Years later, Edison introduced the concept of a production line - a limited menu of acrylic pens sold by retailers. It was the next step that required a higher manufacturing capacity. This put a strain on the growing company.

Responding to the demand, Brian increased the number of employees, moved out of his garage and into a larger facility, and brought on more advanced machines to handle the increased output of pens. With all of the change happening in the last few years, he couldn't take on requests for retailer exclusive designs, despite my relentless e-mails and phone calls. In November 2019, the Goldspot Exclusive "Newark" design finally became a reality.

Why the "Newark?"

Anyone that lives in New Jersey knows the City of Newark doesn't have the best of reputations. However, the city was home to Thomas Edison's first laboratory where he started his career as an inventor. Edison Pens are usually named after places, people, and things in the life of Thomas Edison, so we thought it would be appropriate to pay tribute to the city that is about 40 minutes from the Goldspot Pens office.

Having experienced other Edison models, the idea for the Newark was to combine the elements we liked best: a deep-posting cap, translucent acrylic, and a comfortable grip section. The Newark uses an international standard cartridge or converter (included) system to fill. You could also convert the pen to an eyedropper-fill pen and see the amount of ink through the translucent body material.

Comparing Edison Newark Fountain Pen with Other Fountain Pens

Introducing the Edison Newark Fountain Pen
*Measurement* Collier Beaumont Newark Pearlette Menlo

Length Closed/Capped

5.875 in. / 149mm

5.125 in. / 130mm

5.43 in. / 138mm

5.1 in. / 128.6mm

5.75 in. / 146mm

Length Uncapped

5.125 in. / 130mm

4.875 in. / 123.8mm

5.07 in. / 129mm

4.6 in. / 118mm

5.375 in. / 136.5mm

Length Cap Posted

Cannot be posted

5.875 in. / 149mm

6.10 in. / 155mm

6.0 in. / 153.3mm

6.38 in. / 162mm

Barrel Max Diameter

0.59 in. / 15mm

0.46 in. / 11.7mm

0.48 in. / 12.3mm

0.5 in. / 13.5mm

0.515 in. / 13.1mm

Pen Weight

1.06 oz. / 30g

0.56 oz. / 16g

0.5 oz. / 14g

0.63 oz. / 18g

0.78 oz. / 22g

As with other Edison Pens, Brian installed the ever-reliable, German-made Jowo #6 size nib and feed with the Edison Bulb logo engraved on the stainless steel. The nib and feed screw out of the section and can be swapped with other compatible #6 size nibs. As an Edison retailer, Goldspot has a selection of stainless steel and 18kt gold nib replacement nibs in a variety of sizes to suit your handwriting style.

The Edison Newark is limited to only 50 numbered pieces made (51 if you count the #0 that PenBoyRoy owns) and will not be made again in this style of acrylic once they sell out. In the future, we hope to have the Newark in other acrylic colors. Leave us a comment below with your suggestions on which colors you would want to see on an Edison Newark fountain pen.

How Does the Edison Newark Fountain Pen Write?

The Edison Newark Fountain Pen, equipped with a German-made Jowo #6 size nib, offers an exceptional writing experience. This nib ensures a smooth flow of ink, providing a consistent and reliable writing performance across various paper types. The pen's design allows for easy swapping with other compatible #6 size nibs, catering to a wide range of handwriting styles. Whether drafting documents or jotting down notes, users can expect a seamless writing journey with minimal skipping or blotching. The pen's weight of 0.5 oz. (14g) and dimensions (Length Closed/Capped: 5.43 in. / 138mm, Length Uncapped: 5.07 in. / 129mm) contribute to its balanced feel in hand, enhancing writing comfort for extended periods.

Is the Edison Newark Fountain Pen Worth the Investment?

Considering its limited edition status, with only 50 numbered pieces available, the Edison Newark Fountain Pen stands out as a collector's item and a functional writing instrument. Its construction from high-quality acrylic, known for durability and a striking appearance, alongside the craftsmanship of the Edison Pen Company, underscores its value. The pen's compatibility with international standard cartridges or converters, and the option to convert it to an eyedropper-fill pen, adds versatility. Given its exclusivity, craftsmanship, and performance, the Edison Newark Fountain Pen represents a sound investment for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Who Should Buy the Edison Newark Pen?

The Edison Newark Fountain Pen is ideally suited for aficionados of fine writing instruments and collectors seeking unique, limited-edition pens. Its reliable performance and elegant design make it a perfect choice for professionals who value the quality and aesthetics of their writing tools. Additionally, its historical connection to Thomas Edison and the city of Newark adds a layer of significance, appealing to those who appreciate pens with a story. Given its limited availability and the craftsmanship it embodies, the Edison Newark is also an excellent gift for special occasions, destined to be treasured by anyone who receives it.

Buy Your Edison Newark Fountain Pen at Goldspot Pens

Goldspot Pens is the exclusive retailer for the Edison Newark Fountain Pen. With a reputation for offering an extensive selection of high-quality writing instruments, Goldspot ensures that each customer finds the perfect pen to match their writing needs and style preferences. By purchasing from Goldspot Pens, you are guaranteed authenticity, exceptional customer service, and access to a wealth of knowledge on pen maintenance and care. Secure your Edison Newark Fountain Pen today from Goldspot Pens and join a select group of individuals who own a piece of writing history.

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