Improve Your Handwriting & Drawing Comfort 5X with the Lamy Scribble

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I'll tell you a little story about my youth.

When I was in grade school, I would grip my No. 2 pencil so hard while practicing writing and drawing that I developed a big, painful callus on my middle finger that took years to go away once I went to writing with pens.

Fast forward 20 years, I get the feeling I'm not alone when I speak with our customers who prefer a thicker, more ergonomic pencil.

Ergonomic specialists, including UCLA, all recommend the following for pain-free writing :
  • Use the lightest hold possible while writing.
  • Use a round, not triangularly-shaped (or hexagonal), grip.
  • Use ergonomically designed, wide-barrel pens.
  • Use a rubberized or matte grip pen.
  • Avoid leaning heavily on your forearm.
  • Stretch often and take frequent breaks.
Naturally, creative minded-folks are always sketching, drawing and writing, logging hours and hours of intellectual heavy-lifting. If you don't employ an ergonomic style of writing, those same hands can develop carpal tunnel and other hand-related syndromes that cause great discomfort, prohibiting the individual from being able to create. Total bummer!

It's a good thing that Germans know a thing or two about manufacturing a ergonomically designed, durable writing instrument. Later, you'll want to thank them with big, pain-free "thumbs up!"

The LAMY Scribble is engineered to embody the "best practices" of ergonomic writing, sketching & drawing.

The Scribble Best Mechanical Pencil features :
Stout, light-weight body (4.75" length, 0.9oz weight).
Generously-sized, thick barrel (0.55" diameter at thickest).
Rounded profile finished in grip-happy matte black.

The 3.15mm Clutch Scribble pencil has a thick sketching lead for quick, on-the-go drawings.

The 0.7mm push-action mechanical pencil option is for more precise writing or drafting. The 0.7mm has a built-in eraser in the cap for correcting mistakes.

Both pencils have a clip that can be removed if it better suits your writing comfort. Don't worry, it won't roll off the table due to two facets that are part of the barrel design.

I told you those Germans know what they're doing!

It's never too late to correct your handwriting posture and help ease those aches and hand cramps. Make sure you have the proper tools to keep your hands healthy and pain-free.

I wanted to show you how awesome these pencils can be in-hand, so I created this video below that demonstrates how each pencil works. Compare the thickness of the 3.15mm lead versus the 0.7mm lead as I show how each tip writes.

Please check out the video and comment below on what you think about it. Even if you don't love pencils, Lamy or Germany, I'd love to hear your feedback about the video. 
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