Cross Century II Masquerade Peacock Ballpoint Pen Review

This will be the first-ever review on this blog done by someone else in the Goldspot office besides Tom. Jess decided that she loves her "Peacock" so much, she had to let everyone know! This is her first-ever pen review :
The Masquerade Peacock ballpoint pen by Cross is inspired by mystery and romance of a masked ball from the Art Nouveau era. The swirling peacock feather pattern shimmers over the pearlescent ivory lacquer, while the silver engraving adds dimension to it. It’s an overall elegant pen and has a graceful curved clip that goes right along with it. The feature I love most about this, besides the smooth writing cross refill, is that it can go from a ballpoint pen to a pencil just by converting the refill, making it one of the best Cross pens for versatility and style.
Cross Century II Masquerade Peacock Ballpoint Pen Review
Pictures of this pen do not do it justice, once you are physically holding the pen; you can see all of the detailed work that went into it. The overall pen is slim, so if you are someone that likes thicker pens, this isn’t for you! Also, Cross backs their product up with a lifetime mechanical guarantee, so I will never be without my peacock =)
  • Writing Quality: This pen would be more comfortable for writers who prefer slimmer pens over thicker.
  • Aesthetic Quality: The swirl of the peacock feather as well as the colors really makes this pen stand out.
  • Utility: The Masquerade Peacock pen is 5.47 inches long and the width is 0.36, so I can easily fit this in even my smallest purse no problem. The Cross refill writes flawlessly every use for me.
  • Price: The Cross Masquerade Ballpoint is available at for $55.95, which I think is a reasonable price being that it’s so elegant and is a pen that can be converted to a pencil with the Cross Switch It converter.
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