Conklin Endura Patriot Red Ballpoint Review

Conklin Endura Patriot Red Ballpoint Review
The "New" Conklin Endura is part of the re-release campaign by Yafa Pen Co., distributors of Monteverde and Delta pens. Last year, they bought the Conklin brand, which was often wrought with quality control issues. As part of their "refresh" of the brand, Yafa produced the Endura, along with the popular Mark Twain Crescent and Herringbone collections. For the most part, the overall "look" is almost true to the Conklin pens made prior to 2009. However, there are some key differences that the consumer should definitely not overlook.

Conklin Endura Patriot Red Ballpoint Review
One noticeable change is the direction of the Conklin logo stamped on the clip. On new Conklin pens, the logo is read from left to right when a right-handed person holds the pen in their hand. Besides the clip, the Yafa-bred Conklin pens have a higher-degree of quality in the details.

The Endura arrives in the Conklin blue gift box, which is fairly large and features a white, satin-like interior where the pen rests. As with most Conklins, the Endura has a fairly generous stature. This is certainly not for the delicate hand. The barrel and cap are made from solid, marble resin. The faceted, 12-sided barrel is polished to a high gloss to match the shining trims. The resins themselves are semi-translucent in areas and the color choice for the Patriot Red has that vintage appeal, while being patriotic.

The twist-action Endura ballpoint pen uses a Parker Style refill, which is one of the most common types of ballpoint refills (you can even find a refill at a CVS drugstore usually). Also, thanks to Monteverde, you can swap the standard blue or black ballpoint refill for a capless gel or a variety of ballpoint colors.

Conklin Endura Patriot Red Ballpoint Review
I wrote with the refill that originally comes with the pen, which was a fine point refill in black. While things like flow and smoothness of the tip can be interchangeable by exchanging the refill, what I will comment on are things like the weight, balance and overall writing comfort of the pen. That being said, the grand profile is not meant for everyone. The faceted sides of the resin barrel can be a bit rough unless you clutch the pen closely to the cone tip. Overall, the pen is a big weighty, but well-balanced and comfortable to write with if you are a fan of pens with a larger diameter.

  • Writing Quality : Would be comfortable for writers who prefer a thicker pen with more heft. The faceted sides can be bothersome. (grade B)
  • Aesthetic Quality : Resin design is unique, colorful and interesting while giving that vintage look. Gift box offers pleasant presentation. (grade A-)
  • Utility : A Conklin is not going to easily fit in your pocket, purse or organizer pen loop. The twist-action ballpoint is smooth and the Parker-style refill offers the convenience of compatibility. (grade B+)
  • Price : The Endura Ballpoint is available in Smokey Grey, Patriot Red and Emerald Green. Goldspot Pens offers a 20% discount for a final price of $67.95. A bit on the expensive side for a resin twist-action ballpoint, but we are talking about a super-sized Conklin. (grade B-)

Final Grade : B
While offering some unique resin finishes and a revamped Conklin design, the Endura's large size and faceted barrel lowers the writing quality for most.
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