Conklin Duragraph Nights Pen Review

What better way to let your hair down, loosen your tie, and cut loose! The Conklin Duragraph Nights is a relatively new pen design that we show you in detail on our YouTube video review.

So, let's turn the lights down, take a few drinks (of ink), order up some tapas, and check out the Conklin Duragraph Nights collection.

Conklin is an old name in the pen game. Originally established in 1898 by Roy Conklin in Toledo, Ohio, The Conklin Pen Company has a long history that inspires the current line of writing instruments made today. Designed by YAFA Pen Company of California and manufactured overseas, the Conklin Duragraph takes its name from a model that debuted in 1923.

The Conklin Duragraph arrives in a blue box that has a blue cardboard sleeve with the Conklin logo foil stamped in gold. Opening up the blue leatherette clamshell box, the pen is revealed, resting on a soft fabric platform, held in place with a sash and elastic band. A Conklin warranty and pen refill instruction card are tucked under the pen. Since folks might miss the booklet if it was stashed under the platform, this is a great place to give new writers the knowledge and confidence they need to enjoy their new Conklin pen. Lifting the platform for the fountain pen, you'll find two international sized ink cartridges to ink your pen right away.

The Duragraph has a cylindrical design with a flat top and bottom. The "Nights" collection utilizes marbled acrylic for the barrel, matched with a black section, bottom finial, and resin cap. The black and marbled acrylic look is borrowed from the Dolcevita pen model by the now-defunct Delta Pen Company.

Conklin took the color theme a step further and paired it with a luscious red and deep purple marbled acrylic to round out the selection. The chrome accents and clip are simple adornments that add a bit of polish to the design. The cap band has the Conklin brand mark engraved on it as well as the "Duragraph" model name and a crescent pattern design. The top of the cap is printed with the Conklin brand, established in 1898.

Screwing off the cap reveals the contoured front grip section and the stainless steel nib with plastic feed. Conklin nibs have the signature crescent shape to their breather hole. The nib & feed unit can be screwed out and replaced with a #6 size nib if you so please. To access the installed converter, unscrew the barrel from the front section. The converter is threaded into the front section. To use the provided ink cartridges, you would have to remove the converter by unscrewing it out counter-clockwise.

Writing with the Duragraph fountain pen is pleasant and the steel nib performs well right out of the box. The contoured resin grip area is comfortable to hold as you command the pen across the page.

The pen's cap can be posted on the back-end of the pen but it results in elongating the pen to 7 inches in length, which displaces the weight of the pen toward the back, making an awkward experience for most long-distance writers.

Writing with the cap off, or in hand, is the way we imagine most people would use this pen. The length of the pen uncapped is about 5 inches, which is a comfortable fit. The acrylic resin construction of the Duragraph keeps the weight down, allowing for longer and more comfortable writing sessions.

To complete the collection, the Duragraph is also available in a twist-action ballpoint pen mode. Built for convenience and portability, the Conklin ballpen deploys a smooth-writing tip with the simple twist of the top half of the pen. The refill inside may have the Conklin branding, but any type of Monteverde soft roll, parker-style ballpoint refill would be compatible. You can even switch to a gel ink if you prefer a more fluid writing experience. Just make sure to keep the spring when you switch out cartridges.

If you're looking for a similar pen with a bit more of the marbled acrylic, the Laban Celebration matches up well. If you prefer a more slender writing instrument with a solid, luxury feel, then check out the Faber-Castell Ambition. All three fountain pens are fitted with a stainless steel nib, cartridge/converter filling system, and range from $50 to $100.

We hope you enjoyed our detailed look at the Conklin Duragraph Nights collection. If you are absolutely loving this pen, order the Conklin Duragraph Nights to have it delivered to your door in the matter of a few days.

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