Montegrappa Skull Pen Review - Montegrappa Skull Fountain Pens

Montegrappa Skull Pen Review

Whether you're into Ed Hardy, Harley Davidsons or the macabre themes of Halloween, the new Montegrappa Fortuna Skull Pen Design should be right up your alley. Due to arrive right around All Hallow's Eve, this Montegrappa pen gets dressed up with a pattern of engraved skulls around the acrylic resin barrel of the pen, and a large skull emblazoned on the top cap portion, positioned 180 degrees from the location of the clip. The cap band, trim and clip are all dark gunmetal colored to match the "black" theme of the pen.

Coming this Halloween - Montegrappa Skull Pens

The Montegrappa Fortuna Skulls design will be available in three standard modes : twist-ballpoint pen, screw-off capped rollerball pen and fountain pen fitted with a black, stainless steel nib that fills via cartridge converter.

We were just informed by our Montegrappa US distributor that the prices on these pens will come in significantly less than originally anticipated at the $600 level (fountain pen). Prices are not official yet, but we are being told the price of the fountain will be in the high $300 range, which is far more reasonable.

How Does the Montegrappa Skull Pen Write?

The Montegrappa Skull Pen, part of the Fortuna Skull Pen Design, offers a writing experience that is both smooth and precise. With a barrel crafted from acrylic resin and adorned with engraved skulls, this pen is not just a writing instrument but a statement piece. The fountain pen variant features a black, stainless steel nib that ensures a consistent flow of ink, allowing for effortless writing that doesn’t skip or blot. Whether used for daily writing tasks or special occasions, the Montegrappa Skull Pen provides a comfortable and reliable writing performance that meets the expectations of even the most discerning pen enthusiasts.

Is the Montegrappa Skull Pen Worth the Investment?

Priced in the high $300 range, significantly less than the initially anticipated $600 level, the Montegrappa Skull Pen represents a considerable investment in the world of writing instruments. However, its unique design, featuring a pattern of engraved skulls and a large skull emblazoned on the top cap, coupled with its high-quality materials and craftsmanship, make it a valuable addition to any collection. The pen's durability and the prestige of the Montegrappa brand further enhance its worth, making it not only a functional tool but also a potential heirloom piece. For those who value artistry and quality in their writing instruments, the Montegrappa Skull Pen is undoubtedly worth the investment.

Who Should Buy the Montegrappa Skull Pen?

The Montegrappa Skull Pen is an ideal choice for individuals with a penchant for the unique and the macabre, aligning well with interests in Ed Hardy, Harley Davidsons, or Halloween themes. Its distinctive design makes it a perfect fit for collectors seeking to add a standout piece to their collection, as well as for creative professionals who wish to make a bold statement with their writing instrument. Additionally, its high-quality writing performance makes it suitable for anyone looking for a reliable pen for everyday use. Whether as a personal indulgence or a special gift, the Montegrappa Skull Pen appeals to a wide audience with its blend of style, functionality, and craftsmanship.

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