Celebrating Mexican Tradition with Visconti's Charreria

Visconti's latest creation is an ode to the great Mexican tradition of Charreria.

Visconti Charreria

History of the Charreria

The Charreria is a competitive event developed from animal husbandry practices used on the haciendas of old Mexico. The sport is similar to a rodeo and has been described as a "living history," and as an art form drawn from the demands of working life. The sport developed from the traditions brought from Spain in the 16th century and the first Charrerias were ranch work competitions between haciendas combining horse riding, roping, and cattle handling. The modern-day charreada consists of nine events for men plus one for women and involves horses, cattle or both.


Celebrating Mexican Tradition with Viscontis Charreria

Visconti's Charreria

Visconti has created a masterpiece to recall this great Mexican tradition. The cap is wrapped with deeply embossed leather to recall the saddle and boots of the charros. A scene of the Charreria on the body of the pen was painted by Master Claudio Mazzi under the authorization of Mexican artist Emilio García.

Master Mazzi is a professional artist and paints his masterpieces with an aerograph. The quality of his work is so high that the painting looks like a photo etched into the pen. The painting is incredibly detailed and it can take up to one day of work to paint a single pen.

Celebrating Mexican Tradition with Viscontis Charreria

Visconti Charreria Pen Details

  • Limited Edition hand-painted & numbered collection.
  • Power Filling Fountain Pen fitted with 23kt Palladium Dream Touch Nib
  • Nib sizes available: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, double broad and 1.3mm stub
  • Pen Body Material consists of ivory resin & leather
  • Adorned in .925 sterling silver trims and clip.
  • The artwork is hand-painted by Claudio Mazzi under the authorization of Mexican artist Emilio Garcia.
  • Also available in rollerball mode. This edition consists of 149 fountain pens & 149 rollerball pens.
  • Retail Prices $3,600 for the fountain, $3,400 for the rollerball
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