By the Pen of Zeus!

Just 20 years after the Temple of Zeus was finished in Olympia, the monument "the Statue of Zeus" was erected inside it. The Greek sculptor Phidias created the 13-meter colossal statue between 438 and 430 BC. It was his last work and is recognized as one of the most significant sculptures of ancient times. According to legend, the Zeus statue was transported to Constantinople - today known as Istanbul - where it fell victim to a fire in the year 475 AD. The work of art survived for around 905 years. The remains of its base can still be seen in Olympia today.

The statue of Zeus, one of the seven wonders of the world, was known for its size and the many fine materials used to create it. The skin of the enthroned statue of the god was made from pure ivory. The ankle-length robe, the soles of the sandals and the tresses of hair were crafted out of gold, colored glass, and precious stones. The use of valuable materials gave Phidias' statue a magnificent appearance.

Pelikan's tribute to this Wonder of the World is comprised of high-quality materials and crafted using elaborate finishing techniques. Inspired by ancient architecture, his limited edition, piston-filling fountain pen has been made with extreme attention to detail. Pelikan has used 18 carat rose gold for embellishments. Using painstaking artistic processing, the motif of Zeus has been worked into the barrel in 925 sterling silver. All decorative elements have been plated with 18 carat gold. To finish, the motif and decorative elements were coated with a clear varnish in order for the background to be colored with anthracite. 

To create a gentle transition to the rose gold and emulate the ivory of the statue, Pelikan used a precious resin in creamy white color for the grip section, piston knob, and cap. The decorative elements such as the trademark Pelikan beak clip, rings and 18 carat nib are all plated with rose gold.

Each one of the 300 writing instruments in this limited edition is a unique one-off produced in Germany. Pelikan pays an exceptional tribute to this world wonder.

This fountain pen is offered in 4 different nib sizes ranging from extra-fine to broad. The MSRP is $2,500 and will be available at by special order only. Talk to one of our Goldspot team members (phone 800-963-7367) to help you get you an amazing price on this exquisite piece.

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