Best Rollerball Pens of 2024

What makes a truly great rollerball pen? We here at Goldspot believe that it comes down to the fine details. What is the pen made of? How does it balance in the hand? And, on a more abstract note, does it inspire? Does it make you want to write? Below, we’ve compiled a short list of great rollerball pens that are inspiring in their own way, whether it’s their unique size and shape, the materials sourced for their construction, or even just how unabashedly eye-catching they are.

Conklin All American Rollerball Pen

Generously-sized with luxury finishes at an affordable price.

Sometimes bigger is better in the world of pens, and the Conklin All American rollerball pen is here to validate that position. Sporting a 6.6 in. / 168mm length posted, this pen feels substantial in the hand and makes it easier to just get work done. Long writing sessions don’t stand a chance against the high-grade resin, signature Conklin “rocker” clip, and vintage design heritage.

Each All-American takes a standard Schmidt Rollerball Refill and comes in a lovely gift box. It is the perfect journaling implement for those looking to capture big ideas with big pens. And definitely don’t miss the limited edition wood models that feature a warm and luxurious tactility by way of golden walnut, ebony, or pau preto builds.

Caran d'Ache 849 Rollerball Pen

Swiss-made quality and precision in a classic design.

The Caran d’Ache 849 is an iconic design celebrated by artists and designers around the world. From the perfect proportions to the hexagonal shape, the solid feeling of the push-top mechanism to the sturdy steel clip, Swiss design acumen and engineering pervades every aspect of this pen’s conception. 

The 849 Rollerball is in an extra-comfortable XL size that is 28% larger than the standard 849, improving its long term writing potential. And this is all to say nothing of the butter-smooth Caran d’Ache 849 Roller refill that lives within the pen. From drawing the first line, you'll know this is a rollerball that could last a lifetime.

Esterbrook Estie Rollerball Pen

An American original is reborn.

True to its name, the Estie is the elegant, all-encompassing epitome of the Esterbrook brand. This powerful, understated design grows from its American roots, providing the modern writer with a traditional writing experience.

The high-grade resin body inspires confidence in the hand, while the size and balance of its mass contribute to overall writing comfort. A cushion cap closure ensures your pen writes like new at every uncapping.

The Estie fills with an International size standard (G2) rollerball type refill and comes in a tasteful giftbox.

Benu Euphoria Rollerball Pen

For over-the-top glitz and bling, there's nothing like a Benu.

There are few rollerball pens as dazzlingly brilliant as the resplendent Benu Euphoria. Dappled in shimmering resin across the barrel and cap, and featuring a host of supersaturated colors across a broad range of models, this design turns heads like no other. The polygonal faceted shape feels interesting and uniquely comfortable in the hand, and black accoutrements make those already bright colors shine all the brighter. The "luminous" models even literally glow in the dark.

The Benu Euphoria comes packaged in an aesthetic gift box and refills with a standard G2 rollerball refill. This pen is beloved by who like to infuse a bit of flare into everything they do, writing included.

Laban 325 Rollerball Pen

A top-shelf, luxury design at a reasonable price.

For those with a particular penchant for the beauty of nature, the Laban 325 might be the perfect accompaniment to their next outdoor journaling session. The 325 pairs pleasing faux ivory resin grip sections and caps with gold hardware and a uniquely patterned barrel that, across the collection, invokes different aspects of our natural world. From deep purple wisterias to the brilliance of our very own sun. Nature is the pivot point upon which your 325 journey may begin.

Constructed of rich resin surrounding your choice of International standard rollerball (G2) refill, the 325 has a writing experience that holds up to its bold looks.

Kaweco Sport Rollerball Pen

This pocket-friendly pen is a travel-worthy companion.

If you value utility, practicality, and a rollerball pen that won’t fail to deliver on a moment’s notice, look no further than the much-lauded Kaweco Classic Sport. It’s design has pervaded the fine writing world for almost 100 years, a testament to its design acumen and longevity.

The lightweight plastic body leaves you comfortable for long writing sessions, while the iconically faceted body both contributes to hand feel and prevents the Classic Sport from rolling away from you. A Kaweco Capless G2 Gel Rollerball Refill is the beating heart of this pen’s steadfast performance.

Available in many colors and finishes, along with an optional slide-in clip, there’s certainly a Kaweco Classic Sport out there for you.

Lamy Tipo Rollerball Pen

A retractable rollerball pen that's anything but typical.

Do you or the future recipient of a fine writing gift in your life have a highly organized white desk? How about a matte finish coffee mug with no logos or artwork? Then the Lamy Tipo might be the perfect rollerball pen to bring to the table, literally.

Lamy is known for the functional minimalism and Bauhaus-ian design principles that it brings into the world of writing, and the Tipo is no exception of this. A headline feature of this small but mighty contender is a unique mechanism which engages the rollerball when the clip is seated flush with the body of the pen, and hides the tip when the clip is pressed and released from its slot. The implimentation of this mechanism is distinctly Lamy, and delivers a fun and functional experience to any writing session. Refills with Lamy M66 Rollerball Refills.

We're always in the search for the latest and greatest in handwriting technology. While this list has the best of the best rollerball pen recommendations, you can find more great writing instruments in New Releases. Just because it's the "best" doesn't mean it's the best fit for you. Shop for your perfect rollerball pen and tap the experience of our team for recommendations tailored to your needs.

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