The 7 Best Pen Cases of 2024

If you’re looking to protect your pens for the long term, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we share our picks for the best fountain pen case. Regardless of how many pens there are in your collection - 1 to 100, you’ll find a solution that fits like a glove.

Why do you need a case for your pens?

Think about this: most people who buy a smartphone will also buy a case to protect it for an average of 2.5 years lifespan. Pens last much, much longer, and will never become obsolete due to software compatibility or battery issues. So, if you want to protect pen cases for fountain pens for 10, 20, 30, or 50 years down the road, a case is the way to keep them looking as new as possible for as long as possible.

Just like with phones, carrying pens with you everywhere has its hazards. Carrying a pen at the bottom of a bag could result in other items scratching and denting the pen’s finish. The pen’s cap could also accidentally open and start seeping ink on everything it touches. Or, you could forget it’s down there in the black hole until years later when the ink’s fully dried up.

Cases protect pens from dents, dings, and scratches. They also stabilize the pen, keeping it in place so ink will stay where it’s supposed to - in the pen. By keeping your pens in a case when they’re not in use, they’re less likely to grow legs and walk away.

The Best Pen Cases of 2024

At Goldspot, we understand the need to invest in a solid case for your fine writing instruments. We took a current inventory of all our cases to bring you this definitive list.

Best Portable Pocket EDC Pen Case - Rickshaw Bagworks Solo Pen Sleeves & Coozy Cases

Quickly stash your favorite pen in one of the comfiest cases around. Sewing strong in San Francisco since 2007, Rickshaw Bagworks makes bags, cases, rolls, fanny packs, totes, and more. When forced to pivot during the pandemic, Rickshaw produced cloth masks. Thankfully, they could return to doing what they do best - making amazing pen cases.

The “Solo Pen Sleeve” is Rickshaw’s calling card. It may not seem like much because it can only fit one pen. But, it’s an experience that will have you saying “ooh” and “ahh” when you get your hands on one.

Unlike other brands on this list, Rickshaw pen cases have a virtually unlimited range of styles. Rickshaw can print any design you wish on the Cordura Nylon fabric exterior. Seriously. At our store, you’ll find an entire collection of Rickshaw cases that match specific Retro 51 pen designs. If you want something truly custom, you can order a “create your own” sleeve directly from the Rickshaw website.

The old saying goes, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” This fits perfectly with the Rickshaw sleeve design. When you store your pens in a Rickshaw sleeve, they are pampered with a soft, polyester plush treatment. The texture is similar to the feeling of rubbing a lucky rabbit’s foot. The sleeve interior keeps your pen’s finish and trims looking their best.

When you need multi-pen storage solutions, you can pack your Solo Pen Sleeves, and Coozies inside of what Rickshaw calls a Coozy Case. This zip-up case can fit multiple sleeves of pens with space for other accessories like pencil leads, ink cartridges, and ink samples. Although Rickshaw doesn’t offer storage solutions that carry more than 8-10 pens, this only means you’ll have to get multiple sleeves and cases to fit everything. After you get one sleeve, you won’t have any problem getting more.

  • Ideal for: collections of > 10 pens
  • Style: Fun, colorful, personalized to your taste
  • Cost: Starting at $19
  • Can it fit the Montblanc 149: yes (long size sleeve)

Budget-Friendly Leather Pen Case: Endless Companion 5-Pen Case

If you usually carry a rotation of 5 pens or less with a notebook or two, we invite you to cozy up to the genuine leather of the Endless Companion. This all-in-one solution has a fun trick up its sleeve. Besides being made of genuine leather, the Endless Companion can fit pens of any thickness thanks to an adjustable loop strap system. Instead of a one-size-fits-all elastic, the Companion’s strap can be adjusted up and down to tailor the fit to your pens.

Capture notes at the moment by keeping a pocket-sized notebook stashed in the Companion’s long pocket opposite your pens. If you need an emergency refill, the single loop on the Companion’s spine is meant to carry a spare ink cartridge or converter.

  • Ideal for: EDC carry (including notebook, cards, and spare refill)
  • Style: Traditional, rustic
  • Cost: $50
  • Can it fit the Montblanc 149: yes

Convertible Case to Desk Pen Stand - Esterbrook 2GoCup

Some cases are built for portability and travel. Other pen storage options are meant to be displayed on your desk. The 2GoCup does both!

This Esterbrook pen case has a durable canvas outer construction with a soft suede inner lining. Six pens fit in the cylindrical case, separated by a suede-covered divider that can be adjusted, depending on the size and number of pens you carry.

While you are at your desk, the 2GoCup stands vertically on its flat base. To achieve this, you need to spread the inside dividers and load your pens. The tops of the pens (and their cap finials) peek out of the top of the case when you fold over the canvas.

When you need to pack up your pens for travel, unfurl the canvas, snap the silver button, and pull the drawstring to cinch the top. Good to go!

  • Ideal for: Work from home with a few days in the office each week.
  • Style: Cozy, comfortable, chic
  • Cost: $59.95
  • Can it fit the Montblanc 149: yes

Pen and Notebook Carry Case - Galen Leather A5 Folio

The Galen Leather A5 Folio is an all-in-one, leather-wrapped workstation to go. Put your A5-sized notebook (or iPad) on one side and up to six journaling pens on the opposite side of the folio. Plus, there’s room for cards, notes, charging cable, and keychain.

The folio is wrapped in 100% vegetable-tanned, full-grain cow leather. Galen distresses the leather for a worn-in, vintage look. The heavy-duty YKK zipper has a satisfying feel. Just keep your pens away from the metal teeth!

If don’t want to carry a bag, the zippered A5 folio is an excellent way to move your work to any desk.

These cases are hand-stitched in Turkey and are subject to limited availability.

  • Ideal for: Journaling and working at a cafe
  • Style: Luxury leather-wrapped bliss
  • Cost: $119
  • Can it fit a Montblanc 149: yes

Secure Transport for a Dozen Pens - Esterbrook Nook

Esterbrook designed the Nook to be more than your average pen case. It’s like a mobile desk valet you can deploy anywhere. The construction is sturdy with high marks on presentation and functionality. Unlike other cases, which have a pliable fabric material, the Nook has a rigid frame wrapped in vegan (synthetic) leather. The front panels open like a gateway to your 12 choice writing instruments.

The front magnetic snap closure opens to reveal 12 slots lined with cushioned fabric. A taught elastic cord keeps your pens snug in their compartments.

Keep the Nook 12-pen case open on your desk during the workday and close it up when calling it quits for the day. Load it up with your favorite pens to take to a pen club meeting, pen show, or just to show off to your friends and family (and hopefully get them into handwriting).

  • Ideal for: A luxury RV for your top pens
  • Style: Vintage-style, fashionable
  • Cost: $189
  • Can it fit the Montblanc 149: yes

Best Wooden Pen Case - Laban Display Case

Sometimes, especially if I’m struggling with writing the next sentence, I like staring at my beautiful pens. Some are made with gorgeous, swirling acrylics, others have celluloid, urushi lacquer finish, and raden designs. A display pen case allows us admiring pen addicts to look at our favorite pens while keeping them safe in a box.

Made of wood with a glass top, the Laban 10-Pen Case displays your favorite writing instruments at all times, even when you don’t have them inked. This is a statement desk piece that has a refined style. Laban puts a polished shine on the deep burgundy wood exterior. The cream, felt-lined interior contrasts beautifully with the dark wood. The hinged, glass top opens to allow free access to your pens at any time. Or, you can leave it closed and adore them just the same.

  • Ideal for: A premium home base for your best pens
  • Style: Luxurious
  • Cost: starting $210
  • Can it fit the Montblanc 149: yes

Pen Case for Big Collections - Girologio 48-Pen Zippered Case

For the certified “pen addict,” a 5-pen case or 12-pen case only scratches the surface in accommodating their collection. For an expansive pen collection, the 48-pen case from Girologio can handle a healthy hoard of writing instruments.

Although Girologio offers their 48-pen case in genuine leather, we’re in love with the relaxed style of the denim blue case. The exterior has a soft, comfy feel - like sliding on your favorite pair of jeans. On the inside, Girologio stitched elastic pen loops to safely separate and affix your pen against the felt-backed inside panel. A soft, felt divider panel keeps pens from either side of the case from touching each other.

If you collect lots of pens and want to display your entire collection in one shot, a big case like this Girologio puts all your preciouses in their places.

  • Ideal for: Pen addict with many pens in the collection
  • Style: smart, functional
  • Cost: $103.99
  • Can it fit the Montblanc 149: yes

What makes a great EDC portable pen carrying case?


First and foremost, portable pen and pencil cases need to have a compact size profile to easily fit in your EDC bag or pocket. Of course, the size limits the number of pens you carry, but the whole point is to have your tools at the ready while you’re on the go.


While you actively travel, your pen case should keep your pen secure, less prone to sliding, jostling, and hitting other items. The case should have a band or other method to hold the pen steady, separating it from other writing tools in your case. Also, the case itself should be covered in some way (by flap or zipper) to protect against the outside elements.

Room for additional items

If you do your best work while mobile, your EDC should contain more than just a pen. It is ideal for a portable pen case to also have room for a pocket notebook and/or an additional ink cartridge or sample vial of your best fountain pen ink.

What makes a great pen case for the work desk?

To house your pens on a dedicated work desk, you need to be less concerned about mobility and more focused on quick and easy access to your top fountain pens and other writing instruments. A great desk pen case can offer a larger assortment of pens than a portable EDC case. It also can be more stationary in design, since it doesn’t need to be carried around for a majority of the day.

A case that displays your entire daily rotation of pens is optimal if you want to cycle through the various inks, nib sizes, and modes you want to use for work. Instead of having to zipper, unbutton, or unfurl a mobile pen case, a desk pen case should have easy access to pick up a pen.

From an aesthetic point of view, desk cases complement your work environment, and are a reflection of your taste. In contrast with portable EDC cases, desk pen cases are out in the open and become part of your desk landscape. Therefore, a great pen case for your work desk should match your other desk accessories and organizational feng shui.

The Best Pencil Cases

For urban sketchers, artists, and creatives who carry a bunch of pencils, the standard pen case usually doesn’t apply. If you want to carry a set of wood case pencils in varying lead softnesses alone with a mechanical pencil, colored pencils, sharpener, kneaded erasers, and other blending tools, you’ll have to opt for a hard plastic pencil box or something that can has the capacity for pencil products and other sketching things.

Some pencil sets, like the Lamy Plus colored pencil set, are packaged in a plastic case. Caran d’Ache has several pen and pencil sets packaged in metal tin cases as well.

For an affordable, catch-all case, we suggest the Itoya Profolio Midtown pouches, starting at $6.99 for the small size. The zippered pouch has two separate pockets to organize your tools. The modern felt design is soft and gentle on your items. The Itoya Profolio Midtown is one of the best pen pouches for school supplies, office supplies, art supplies - perfect for students, kids and adults alike.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a pen case

  • How often will I be traveling with my pens?
  • How many pens do I usually have inked/use at any given time?
  • Where do I do most of my writing or daily work?
  • Are most of my pens large & thick or are they thin & small?
  • Do I need to carry anything else besides my pens?

All About Pen Cases: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mont blanc Pen Cases Good?

Although Goldspot Pens does not carry Montblanc leather goods (at this time), we know Montblanc is capable of high-quality, luxury pen cases that complement the finest writing instruments. As with anything Montblanc, their leather fountain pen cases are dearly priced. And, while they are good cases, there are plenty of other, more economical choices that provide the same protection for your pens.

Are Pen Cases Good Gifts?

Pen cases make excellent gifts for pen addicts. Collectors tend to focus more on the acquisition of their next pen, ink, specialty nib grind, etc. Pen storage tends to be far down on the list of shopping priorities. Yet, it’s sorely needed. A quality pen case is a one-size-fits-all gift for the handwriting enthusiast.

How Best To Store Fountain Pens?

Fountain pens contain liquid ink and should be carried with the nibs pointed upward. Carrying your fountain pens with the nibs facing downward invites ink leaking into the cap if the pens are jostled enough while traveling. Carrying your fountain pens with the nib pointed up keeps the ink inside at the bottom of the reservoir, away from the nib and feed.

When storing pens in a desk pen case, it’s fine if they rest laying horizontally. Ideally, you don’t want to leave your pens with ink in them for longer than 4-6 weeks. Before storing them away, rinse out the nib, feed, and filling mechanism until the water runs clear. Then, let the parts air dry or blot them with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Store your pens, uninked, in a pen case that isn’t exposed to the direct sun or drastic changes in temperature & humidity.

Which is the best material for a durable pen case?

Pen cases and lifestyle organizers are made using a variety of materials. There are leather pen cases, silicone pen cases, mesh pen cases, synthetic (vegan) leather pen cases, and nylon pen cases. These materials have their advantages and disadvantages. But, they generally perform the same as a good quality container to store pens. While genuine leather might be more stylish, there are plenty of unique nylon and silicone pen cases available in fun colors and designs. Plus, one tends to find more sales and deals on affordable pencil pouches and penholders made from non-leather materials.

How do I know if a pen case will fit my pen?

Whether you have a thin, vintage-style Cross pen or a chunky, oversized Sailor King of Pen, there’s a pen storage solution for you. Most desk pen cases accommodate pens that range from the pocket-sized Kaweco Sport to the gargantuan Pelikan Souveran M1000. Portable cases are a little trickier. Pen case elastic bands or sleeves have an upper limit to the pen size they can hold.

When shopping for a pen case, take note of the dimensions which are usually listed in the item description. Then, measure your pens to ensure the case is equipped to carry your biggest pens.

How To Keep Top Pen Boxes and Display Cases In Good Condition?

Make sure to dust and clean your pen cases regularly (once ever 1-2 weeks). To avoid ink stains, fill your pens elsewhere on your desk and do not put inked pens back into your fountain pen display case. Depending on the material of your pen case, you may want to use leather cleaner or wood cleaner to refresh the finish of your case.

Which are the best cases for gel pens?

Similar to the range of pencils an artist might carry, those who prefer using gel pens usually have a rainbow of colors to use in their planner or bullet journal. While you could use a pen roll up case like the Rickshaw pen roll, some might want a less complicated gel pen case.

Colorful, simple, and affordable, the Itoya Profolio Midtown pouches we recommended for carrying pencils are a great fit for an assortment of gel pens.

What if I only want to display one pen on my desk?

Back before the desktop computer took over the work desk, many executives and professionals had a desk pen holder, which might contain one or two pens pointed at an angle toward the person behind the desk.

If you’re looking to display only one (or two) pens at your desk, there are a number of desk pen holders available that range from the elegant to the whimsical. One one hand, you can put your prized pen in the beak of a ceramic Pelikan bird stand. On the other, a cutie crab can hold your pen lifted above its head.

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