A Call to All Pen Bloggers

There are a lot of you out there that love writing about writing instruments.  Personally, I have subscribed to over 40 blogs alone that cover pens, paper and ink and the list is always growing. Starting and maintaining a blog about fine pens can be an expensive and time consuming proposition. Goldspot aims to make it a rewarding one as well.

With our Blogger Discount Program you can choose from our vast array of pen brands ink and paper and receive extra discounts on every order that you place. We want to make your hobby as cost effective as possible. Whether what you're looking for is a Rhodia notebook or a Visconti Rembrandt Eco Roller, we want to supply your writing habits with plenty of tools to talk about on the internet.

To apply, please post your first name, the name of your blog that you currently run and its website address. You must be an administrator of that blog and there has to be a way to contact you through your website (via e-mail or contact form). We will get in touch with you directly to give you more details on the discounts we offer.

Remember, no blog is too small - just as long as you keep it current with new posts every so often. I know I'm sometimes guilty of letting the blog go a week or two without update, which is like an eternity for the internet culture.
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