Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen in Stainless Steel with Gold Trim

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The Waterman Expert Line was first launched in 1992 on a resin base. Later in 1996 the design was refreshed. The base material was changed from resin to lacquered metal among other more contemporary changes. In 2011 Waterman introduced an even more modernized Expert line with sophisticated branding along its central ring. The unique bold design has a masculine generous cigar shape with refined elegant trims. This line of fountain (fine or medium) rollerball and ballpoint pens has a variety of contemporary trendy finishes including: Black GT (available in mechanical pencil as well) Black CT Matte Black CT Stainless Steel GT Taupe CT Dark Brown CT Deluxe Black CT and Deluxe White CT. Enjoy the excellent writing comfort from these high quality reliable pens.

Ballpoint Pen Features:

  • The generous cigar-shaped silhouette and wealth of fine materials reveal that beneath your executive persona stirs a creative spirit.
  • Skillfully made in France, every Waterman pen echoes the genius of founder Lewis Edson Waterman, inventor of the first reliable fountain pen in 1883.
  • As contemporary as it is timeless, this pen is beautifully displayed in a stainless steel body with the brilliance of a gold trim.