Regal History

Regal Curio provides fountain pens, roller pens, and ballpoint pens made from the highest quality materials. With over 35 years of research and development, Regal is a tool for inspiration. Our pens reignite the enthusiasm for penmanship in a world where handwriting is almost obsolete. Drawing from designers across the globe, each series features attention to detail, eye-catching designs.

The business philosophy that Regal operates on is one that encourages sustainable operations, strong partnerships, and putting our customers first. Whether you are an experienced writer, aspiring individual, or practiced businessperson, Regal provides a product tailored from a tradition of excellence.

Regal Curio was originally created by Andy Chen in 1979. While studying design and business management in London, Andy became inspired by the building architecture of the city. Passionate about writing and reading, he became inspired to develop his own writing instruments. Regal Curio was born.