Platinum History

Platinum's History

1919     A founder, Shunichi Nakata started the business of a fountain pen.

1924     He established ''Nakaya seisakusho (it means manufacturer)'' to make and sell foutain pens.
1928     Changed the company name to "PLATINUM FOUNTAIN PEN co.," along with it's trade mark.
The motif of trade mark is the earth.

1931     Started the mail order system by postal servise.
This was the pionner of catalogue ordering business style in Japan.
1935     Here is the catalogue in 1935.

1942     Formally established ''PLATINUM FOUNTAIN PEN Co.,'.

1945     Launched the new mechanism fountain pen which called ''A type'' or "PLA style" fountain pen.
1947     after WWⅡ、Platinum fountain pen co, changed it's name to PLATINUM Industry co, requied by GHQ. (The US General Head Quarter).
A ball point pen was made to domestic production and got the 1st authorization on expoert products by GHQ.
1948     The 1st EXPO was hold.
The Showa emperor ''Hirohito'' visited the Platinum booth and won the first prize.

1952     Imported the plastic moldibg machine foe the first time in Stationary industry.
Platinum Co., stepped forward to making to automation.
Green medal is won as a becoming the foreign currency acquisition contribution enterprise in the first place of the pen industry in the export share 70% of the fountain pen.

1957     Completed the epoch-making nib feeder which enabled to control the ink flow automatically and put it to practical use as the cartridge style fountain pen which was the first in the world. It's name was ''Honest 60'' and catchphrase was ''Good bye ink bottle! ''.

1958     The"Honest 60" conquested the Mountain Everest and it proved ink did not leak also in the high ground.
TV comercial was executed.

1962     Changed the company name to ''PLATINUM FOUNTAIN PEN Co.,'' once more.
Launched new fountain pen with K18 gold nib. K18 pen era has started.

1966     Launched Platinum ''PLATINUM" with a white gold nib.
Launched Platinum ''Sheep'' (reather rolled barrel).
1968     Shunichi Nakata died.
His third son, Toshihiro Nakata succeed.
1973     Constracted the factory in Mexico and produced pens.
1974     Constracter the factory in Taiwan.
1977     Established sales company in New York.
1978     Launched "#3776" model.
The name #3776 come from the hiught of the Mount Fuji. (Highest mountain on Japan).
#3776 won the prize "Good Design prize" bt Japanese government.

1980     The first in the world , ''Writing watch'' was launched.
A mechanical pencil and ball point pen with degital watch on the barrel.
A new mechanic of a mechanical pencil called ''Hayaai (means quick) " and "point push" mechanic have been developped.
''Hayaai'' model has been chosen ''Good Design prize''. 。
1981     Launched PLATINUM "Z" (Mechanical pencil and ball point pen) .
"Z" won the prize by New York Mosern Musiam.(MOMA)
Platinum tied up with the famous fasion brand "Courreges"(Andre Courreges in France) for the statioinary category.

1982     Constructed the factory in Shenzen, China.
1989     70th Anniversary of the establishment of a business.
Launched“ Arabesque Fountain pen which was made of Platinum ” made the best use of traditional technique.
1991     Lunched Mechanical Pencil & 2 colors of Ball point Pen “Double Action R3”. This model has been chosen “Good Design Prize”.
Launched a High Class Model of Makie Fountain Pen.
1993     Launched the limitation model and Japan's initial Mechanical pencil “Hayakawa mechanical pencil”.
1994     Launched new fountain pen model“President”.
Established “Shanghai Platinum Pen Co.,Ltd.”in Shanghai, China.
1997     Launched 'Yaku-Sugi Cedar Fountain Pen ' used the cadar more than 3,000 years old.
1998     Launched a new model of Mecanical Pencil“ZERO Shin”for 300 Yen.
2004     Established ' Vietnam Platinum Pen., Co. Ltd' in Ho-Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
2008     90th Anniversary of the establishment of a business.
Launched a new fountain pen model “Higo-Zo-gan”
2009     Toshihiro Nakata died. His son Toshiya Nakata succeed.
Launched the new type Mechanical Pencil “OLeNu” that protect the lead from the shocks and Low viscosity new type “OLeNU”Ball-point Pen.