The first PILOT pen was launched in Japan in 1918. At this time, the country was opening up to Western influence and was importing European techniques. Trade agreements and contracts were being concluded and the Japanese, whose writing was not very adapted to the demands of commercial trade, quickly had to simplify the lines of their ideograms. Many pen factories were set up in the Land of the Rising Sun at this time. The founder of the one of these, Ryosuke Namki, a mechanical engineer and a teacher at the Tokyo Merchant Marine College, was both won over by the ingenuity of these writing instruments - which his contemporaries called "10,000 year paint brushes" due to the uninterrupted flow from their ink reserve - and at the same time convinced of their imperfections. Using his skills in industrial engineering, he created a high-quality prototype. After signing a partnership agreement with one of his colleagues, Masao Wada, he set up the Namki Manufacturing Company, with a corporate capital of 200,000 Yen, and launched the production of his fountain pens. To pay homage to the sea, their other shared interest, the two partners named the brand PILOT, as a reference to the captain of the ship. In 1938 the company became the PILOT brand to position itself at the cutting edge of worldwide technology in writing instruments.


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