Noodler's Ink Brand Overview

Noodler's Ink is widely known around the fountain pen connoisseurs as one of the premier brands of fountain pen ink. Available in over 100 colors, Noodler's has one of the most expansive selections of inks, ranging from fraud proof (Bulletproof) to highlighter ink and ink that helps lubricate your fountain pen (Eel collection). As of 2010, Noodler's has released a very popular, inexpensive line of piston-filling fountain pens that hearken back to the vintage style that is so widely sought after by pen enthusiasts. Proudly Made in the USA. Need more help in finding the perfect Noodler's Ink? Download the Noodler's Ink Properties Reference Guide to help clarify which inks would be a perfect compliment to your collection.

This is for the Noodler's Ink Brand.