Top 5 Next Level Luxury Fountain Pens of 2018

Writing is an experienced to be savored.

It's great to see younger generations from around the world shut down their screens in favor of opening up their journals. Handwriting, particularly with a fountain pen, is definitely making a comeback in the 21st Century. Most beginners usually get into the hobby through inexpensive, starter fountain pens like the Lamy Safari or Pilot Metropolitan. Although they are great pens, and one could certainly write amazing things with them, once the pen bug has bitten, curiosity naturally takes over to see what else is out there in the higher echelons of fine writing.

Sure, we could be talking about precious limited editions crusted with stones and hand-crafted from rare earth metals, but when it comes to most people's definition of "luxury," we aim far more modestly and with regard to usefulness. That's why we put together a short list of luxury fountain pens that are priced under $200 and are worth every penny.

In no particular order....

Top 5 Next Level Luxury Fountain Pens of 2018

Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo Fountain Pen

What's new? The Decimo, and Pilot's patented capless retractable nib technology, is nothing new. In 2018, Pilot USA introduced two new conservative metallic colors to the lineup of Decimo pens - Black & Navy.

Why does it make the list? The convenience of the click-action retractable fountain pen nib is unparalleled in ease of use and is an exceptional value for an 18kt gold nib. Writing with a Vanishing Point is an absolute pleasure and the Decimo's slimmer profile is a perfect fit for those who like writing with a slender fountain pen.

How much? $175 Retail, $139.95 on Sale. Buy Here.

Top 5 Next Level Luxury Fountain Pens of 2018

Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue Fountain Pen

What's new? Each year, Pelikan releases a new historic model based on the designs of vintage Pelikan pens from decades ago. The Iconic Blue adopts the signature blue shade that Pelikan has used in branding and advertising back in the 1950's.

Why does it make the list? When taking the step to the next level of fountain pens, everyone should have at least one piston-filling Pelikan. Besides the nibs being fantastic writers (even the steel nibs), the patented internal piston-fill mechanism is one of the best, most reliable filling systems to load your pen up with massive amounts of ink. A handy ink window lets you keep an eye on how much is left before your bird needs a drink.

How much? $235 Retail, $187.95 on Sale. Buy Here.

Top 5 Next Level Luxury Fountain Pens of 2018

Sailor 1911 Standard Royal Tangerine

What's new? Royal Tangerine is a new color for 2018 that is exclusive to North American retailers of Sailor writing instruments. The bright, orange creamsicle color is well-polished and cheery - a pen you would love to pick up when you need a pick-me-up.

Why does it make the list? Many writers swear by Sailor nibs. The Japanese brand is known worldwide for the superb quality of their gold nibs. The 1911 Standard has a 14kt gold nib available in 7, yes 7 different sizes to fit nearly every handwriting style.

How much? $245 Retail, $196 on Sale. Buy Here.

Top 5 Next Level Luxury Fountain Pens of 2018

Platinum Century 3776 Oshino Fountain Pen

What's new? The latest in the special series dedicated to honoring the five lakes of Mt. Fuji, the "Oshino" by Platinum is an exercise in clarity. Demonstrator pens are a popular style, but very few manufacturers can craft one with such amazing clarity. There's no room for visible error when every inner part of this luxury pen is on display.

Why does it make the list? Similar to Sailor's exquisite nib craftsmanship, Platinum also has a reputation for delivering on the writing experience. The patented slip & seal mechanism built-in to the cap keeps your nib fresh with ink, preventing dry out even when the pen has been inked for some time. The 3776 Century design is one of the most popular for writers lay down a lot of ink.

How much? $240 Retail, $192 on Sale. Buy Here.

Top 5 Next Level Luxury Fountain Pens of 2018

Visconti Rembrandt Master of Arts Collection

What's new? The artist is at it again. Italian penmaker Visconti introduces a new range of darker colors to their popular Rembrandt line of writing instruments. These "Master of Arts" finishes have a dark base that is built-up with colorful swirls that depict the painting style of the Dutch Master Artist Rembrandt.

Why does it make the list? Visconti's commitment to improving the writing quality of their pens is evident in the new and improved nib used for the Rembrandt along with the addition of a calligraphy style steel nib that provides instant line variation for the casual writer. The artistic, colorful design makes each pen unique and the magnetic closing cap is too much fun.

How much? $185 Retail, See discount when you add to cart. Buy Here.

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