The Best Pen Accessories for your New iPhone 5S or 5C

Cross is adding style and functionality to the typical touch screen device accessory with the expansion of their Tech series of writing instruments. Newly available and on sale at our shop, these tech-friendly pens combine the inherent quality of pen and paper writing with the ability to harness the power of modern mobile computing.

Last year, Cross debuted the enhancement of their popular Tech 3 multifunction pen by adding a conductive rubber stylus crown. The dual ballpoint pen inks and mechanical pencil rounds out the other functions. The Tech 3+ is a fantastic multi-tasker for those who have a lot on their to-do list.

The Tech 2, a line of ballpoint pen + conductive stylus instruments, simplifies the pen to one allow for either paper writing or touchscreen jotting. The narrow 6mm conductive stylus allows for precise drawing, writing and selections on your mobile device.

The Tech 1 is a mobile office warrior's dream come true.  The colorful miniature stylus securely attaches to your mobile device through the headphone jack tether attached to the opposite end of the stylus. Other stylus-only devices can cost upwards of $30-$50. Cross' Tech 1 is a reasonable investment to keep your phone fingerprint free at a $10 retail price.

Monteverde, one of the manufacturing pioneers of pen stylus technology, introduces the ultimate in multi-tool pen utility with the One Touch Stylus Tool Pen.

Coming soon, Monteverde will introduce the fountain pen version of the One Touch Stylus Tool. It has all the capabilities of the original Tool Pen, but will have a stainless steel, cartridge-filling fountain pen nib instead of a ballpoint pen tip. Due to arrive in early November.

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