Sneak Peek of the Waterman Expert Precious Finish

Waterman, Paris has added a new, high-end style finish to their ever-popular, cigar-profiled Expert design. This new model is the Expert Precious Finish - a deeply engraved, metallic finished pen that offers a higher level of sophistication than your usual lacquer or stainless steel designs. This Expert still offers the solid proportions, weight and balance you have come to know and love of the Expert line, but with a refined look and luxurious appeal.

The deep, spiraling engraving up the barrel is etched into Nickel Palladium plating while the satin black lacquer cap is also etched with the same pattern. The clip and cap rings are made from Ruthenium for a nice silver contrast against the black cap.

The Expert Precious is going to be available in a ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen in May 2012. The fountain pen will be fitted with a stainless steel nib in fine or medium point sizes. The twist-action ballpoint pen will use a standard Waterman ballpoint refill and the capped rollerball can use either the Waterman rollerball, fibertip or ballpoint refill interchangeably. A Waterman rollerball refill is included  inside the pen initially. The fountain pen fills via Waterman ink cartridges or converter, which both are included with the purchase of the pen. MSRP for each will be $165 for the ballpoint, $180 for the rollerball and $190 for the fountain pen.

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