Pelikan M200 Italic Special Production Review

Pelikan M200 Review

Building off the popularity of the M200 italic nib that was released last year and promptly sold out across American pen stores, Pelikan re-issued the Black Tradition Series 200 with medium italic nib earlier this year. Try one today from Goldspot Pens.

Pelikan M200 Italic Special Production Review


Overview of the Pelikan M200 Italic Special Production

This special production has the exact same body and piston-filling mechanism as the standard Tradition Series 200 fountain pens. One minor difference between the stock image and the actual product is that the translucent ink window is actually tinted green as opposed to the black-tint you see in the above picture. I personally think the dark green adds Pelikan's personality and identity to the design. Check out all of our Tradition 200 series pens here.

One question that seems to be coming up from our customers interested in this model is, "how does the italic compare with the standard medium and fine steel nibs?" I went to task and produced a sample writing sheet that shows the capability of the italic nib.

Pelikan M200 Italic Special Production Review

User Experience and Writing Quality

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no calligrapher. If anyone has the M200 and wants to show off the true potential of an experienced hand with this pen, please post a pic of your writing and we'll feature it on our site. Don't fret, non-calligraphers! There is a small booklet included with the pen that gives you two basic lettering styles to copy and learn from.

The italic takes some getting used to, especially if you've never used a fountain pen before. You need to be more deliberate and apply a slight degree of increased pressure to ensure all of the strokes are well-represented on paper. It forces you to slow down and contemplate the ART of each letter. The line variation is ample and the down-stroke almost appears as thick as a broad-tip stroke.

Design and Utility of the Pelikan M200

As far as the overall design of the pen, the M200 is made of resin with no metal inner barrel, which makes for a fairly lightweight pen. The balance with the cap posted is extremely comfortable. Filling and cleaning the Pelikan piston-filler is easier than using a converter, and it holds a ton more ink. The Pelikan nib size comparison makes it easier to choose the perfect nib for your writing style and needs, enhancing the overall writing experience with the M200.

Is the Pelikan M200 Italic Special Fountain Pen Worth the Investment?

Priced at $125 retail, with occasional discounts lowering the price to $99.95, the Pelikan M200 Italic Special Fountain Pen represents a significant value for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Considering the pen's aesthetic quality, writing performance, and utility, it stands out as a worthwhile investment. The pen's lightweight resin body, balanced design, and the capacity for a substantial ink load due to its piston-filling mechanism enhance its value further. While the italic nib might command a slight premium over the standard M200 nib, the unique writing experience and line variation it offers justify the investment, especially for those who value craftsmanship and the art of writing.

Who Should Buy the Pelikan M200 Italic Special Fountain Pen?

The Pelikan M200 Italic Special Fountain Pen is ideally suited for pen enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone with a keen interest in calligraphy or improving their handwriting. Its italic nib demands a level of precision and care that will appeal to those who appreciate the nuances of penmanship. This pen is not just a writing instrument; it's a tool for artistry, making it perfect for individuals who value the aesthetics of their writing or wish to engage more deeply with the act of writing itself. However, due to the deliberate pace required when using this pen, it might not be the best choice for those needing to take quick notes or write in fast-paced environments.

Buy Your Pelikan M200 Italic Special Fountain Pen at Goldspot Pens

For those interested in owning a piece of writing elegance, the Pelikan M200 Italic Special Fountain Pen is available for purchase at Goldspot Pens. Goldspot Pens offers not only competitive pricing but also a commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that each pen is a genuine artifact of Pelikan's renowned craftsmanship. Whether you're expanding your collection or embarking on a journey to refine your writing skills, Goldspot Pens provides a seamless purchasing experience for this exquisite writing instrument.


  • Writing Quality : gold-plated, stainless steel italic nib is a pleasure to use and offers a decent amount of line variation with good smoothness. (grade A)
  • Aesthetic Quality : Classic Pelikan style black w/ gold-plated trim. Sophistication without the frills. (grade A-)
  • Utility : Cap posts securely on the back-end and writes well posted. Lightweight resin body and cap balances well in the hand. Good for long writing sessions. However, more time and care has to be taken with each stroke, which slows down your writing speed. Not ideal for taking notes in a meeting or in class. (grade B)
  • Price : At $125 retail (on sale for $99.95 at, this is certainly a great deal for a pen of this quality. The only reason I do not give it a higher grade is because you can purchase a normal M200 nib for $20 less. Most companies that offer an italic nib don't charge that much of a difference. (grade A-)

Final Grade : A-Pelikan sure knows how to please their avid customers and collectors. This is a true "writer's pen" that requires more time and a fine appreciation for penmanship. With that said, they accomplished their task at building a product to satisfy the lack of high-quality, specialty nibs that are sold in the contemporary pen market.

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