Monteverde vs. Lamy M16 Ballpoint Refills

Fans of Lamy Pens know that their beloved ballpoint pens are only filled using the Lamy M16 (or M22 in cases of the mini-sized Pico and other mini- or multi- style pens) refill. These types of refills have been traditionally made proprietary by Lamy, Germany, meaning that a common Schmidt or Parker-style refill would not fit inside of a Lamy Safari. That means Lamy fans are at the mercy of the manufacturer when it comes to the available choices of colors, point sizes and *gasp* the prices they set. In comes Monteverde to help by providing an alternative at a lesser cost and more variety.

Based out of California, Monteverde is the largest manufacturer of third-party refills that are made to fit pens like Lamy, Parker, Waterman, Mont Blanc, Pelikan and Sheaffer, to name a few brands. Their Lamy M16 ballpoint refill is engineered with Soft-Roll ballpoint technology, Swiss-made writing tip and low viscosity ink that produces excellent flow and smoothness.

Besides the usual Black and Blue ink colors that Lamy offers, Monteverde opens up the color palette with 8 additional hues, including turquoise, orange and blue-black.

The reputation of the Monteverde M16 refills grows with every piece of feedback we receive from our customers. The consensus has been overwhelmingly positive. Talk of the Monteverde M16 refill outperforming it's OEM competitor is apparent even on Fountain Pen Network. Have you made the switch? Please comment below. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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